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May Resources

May is the end of the school year for many families, but it’s not the end of learning!  Here’s some wonderful resources for learning through the month of May.

BIG list of May holidays, theme, historic events, famous birthdays, and more                                           Special Days in May updated for 2019!

My “go-to” list of educational calendars and resources for every month

Resources for Specific May Themes –

Presidents With May Birthdays –

  • Harry Truman born May 8, 1884
  •  John F. Kennedy born May 29, 1917

Learning Resources for Presidents

May Statehood Anniversaries –

  • Minnesota – May 11, 1858
  • South Carolina – May 23,1788
  • Rhode Island – May 29, 1790
  • Wisconsin – May 29, 1848

Special Days and Geography –  How to and resource list

Resources for May “Daily Specials” –  (The following list is not yet complete. I’ll be updating the daily specials with resources as we go through the month, so check back.  And, if you have special day resource favorites, be sure to let me know and I’ll edit them in.)

May 1  –  Save the Rhino Day  –  Lapbook Printables

May 2  –  Play Your Ukulele Day  –

May 3  – 1st Comic Book published 1934 –  Resources and Activities

May 4  –  Intergalactic Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You)  –  K-8 Unit Study and Printables

May 4 – Orange Juice Day – Orange Resources and Activities

May 5  –  Cartoonist Day  –  Charles Shultz and Peanuts  are our favorites!  –  Learning Resources and Activities

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo – Resource List

May 6  –  English Channel Tunnel opened 1994  –  Fun Facts

May 7  –  Composer Johannes Brahms born 1833  –  Biography, Quiz, and Music

May 7  –  Composer Tchaikovsky born 1840  –  Biography, Quiz, and Music

May 8 – World Red Cross Day –   Stories of those helped by the Red Cross

May 11  –  Artist Salvador Dali born 1909  –  Lesson Plans, Resources, Project Ideas

May 12 – Florence Nightingale born 1820

May 13 – 1st Settlers arrived at Jamestown 1607 – Interactive John Smith and Jamestown Game

May 15 – Endangered Species Day * – Projects and Lessons

May 18 – Museum Day – 50 Famous Art Museums Around The World

May 22  –  Artist Mary Cassatt born 1844  –  Artist study, projects, and printables

May 23  –  Crohn’s and Colitis day  –  Article with audio  for kids

May 23 – World Turtle Day – Learning Resources

May 24  –  Brooklyn Bridge opened 1883  –  Multi Level, and Cross Curricular Bridges Study

May 30  –  Lincoln Memorial dedicated 1922  –  Historic Footage  video

Remember to check back throughout the month for new daily resources that will be added as they become available!

Happy May Learning!

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April Resources

There are many opportunities for learning from April’s calendar.  Here’s my list of learning resources for April related themes and special days!  Some of these are from our past Aprils studies, others are resources we’ll be following as we learn this April, and the rest of the resources are recommended by other homeschooling families.  Check back throughout the month as other resources will be added as they become available. And, if you have favorite April resources, let me know!

BIG List of April 2019 themes, holidays, historic and scientific anniversaries, famous birthdays, and more!                                                  

My favorite educational calendar resources for learning every month

April Themes Resources

Astronomy – Interactive games, videos, songs, and worksheets

Autism Awareness  –  Resources and tips for homeschooling a child on the spectrum

Card and Letter Writing  –  The basic steps for proper letter writing

Confederate History  –  Facts, Events, Battles, and People of the American Civil War

Financial Literacy – Teaching ideas, tips, and fun

Frogs  –  Learning Project and Resources

Garden  –  Big List of Ideas and Resources

Kites  –  Fun Facts –   And,  How To Build Kites Instructions  –

Listening Awareness  –  Active Listening Skills and Tips

Pet 1st Aid  –  Tips for Pet Owners

Poetry – Lesson Plans, Themes, and Printables

World Habitat Awareness  –  Facts, Project Ideas, and Games

Presidents with April Birthdays

  • Thomas Jefferson born April 13, 1743
  • Ulysses S. Grant born April 27, 1822
  • James Monroe born April 28, 1758

Presidents Learning Resources and Activities  –

Country Independence Days and Statehood Anniversaries

  • Georgia Independence – April 9, 1991
  • Zimbabwe Independence – April 18, 1980
  • Rome Founded – April 21, 753 BC
  • Sierra Leone Independence – April 27, 1961
  • Togo Independence – April 27, 1960
  • Maryland Statehood – April 28, 1758
  • Louisiana Statehood – April 30, 1812

Special Days and Geography Resources and Activities


Specific Special Days in April Resources  

April 1  –  April Fool’s Day  –  Learning Resources

April 2  –  Author Hans Christian Andersen born 1805  –  Read his fairy tales, biography and more

April 3

April 4 –  Explore Your Career Options Week begins *  –  Resources and Activities

April 4  –   Tell a Lie Day – 10 Ways to Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

April 5  –  Easter Island “discovered” April 5,1722 – Lesson Plans, Work Sheets, Program Links, Photos

April 5  –  Activist Booker T. Washington born 1856  –  Biography and Printables

April 6  –  Artist Raphael born 1483 – Learning Resources and Activities

April 7 – Poet William Wordsworth born 1770 – Video Reading of Daffodils

April 8  –  Draw a Picture of a Bird Day  –  Step by step instructions

April 9  –  Winston Churchill Day  –  Biography, Timeline, Games, Photos and more

April 10 – Farm Animals Day – Lesson Plans, Themes, Printables, and more

April 11  –  Submarine Day – Facts,  Instructions to Make a Submarine, Experiments, and a Quiz

April 12  –  Big Wind Day  –  Wind Information and Experiments/Projects

April 14  –  Dolphin Day  –  Across the Curriculum Resources

April 14 – Citizen Science Day  –  Project Ideas to Advance Scientific Research  

April 16  –  Inventor Wilbur Wright born 1867 – Wright Brothers and Aviation Resources

April 17  –  Bat Appreciation Day – Resource Page

April 18  –   Juggler’s Day –  How to Juggle Lessons for Beginners

April 18 – Poem In Your Pocket Day *    Tips and Resources

April 19 – Bicycle Day – History, Fun, and Safety

April 20 – Chinese Language Day –  Mandarin Lessons

April 20  –  National Park Week begins *  –  Virtually Explore and Learn about our National Parks

April 21  –  Naturalist John Muir born 1838  –  Lesson Plans and Student Activities

April 21 –  Queen Elizabeth II born 1926  –  Monarchs Resources and Lesson Plans

April 22  –  Earth Day  –  Across the Curriculum Learning Resources

April 23  –  Talk Like Shakespeare Day / Author William Shakespeare born 1564  –  Learning Resources

April 24  –  Dance Week begins  –  “Homeschool Mom Approved” Youtube Dance and Exercise  Instruction Videos

April 25  –  World Penguin Day  –  Across the Curriculum Learning Resources

April 26  –

April 27  –

How I use Special Days lists in our homeschool blog series :

Special Days and the Evolution of Morning Calendar Time

Special Days and Biographies

Special Days and Geography

Special Days and Science

Special Days Archive    – Direct links to the most recent Special Days and Resource lists for each month

Remember to check back throughout the month for updates!

Happy April Learning!

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Em’s Treasures


The end of “Entrepreneurship Week” (February 20 – 25) seems like the perfect time for me to take the opportunity to tell you about my daughter, Emily, and Em’s Treasures!  She has had an interest in crafting since she was a little girl.  We would include crafts and art projects with our homeschooling work, but that wasn’t enough for her. She spent hours of her spare time creating and making.  By the time she was a teenager, she was getting comments such as,  “You should sell that!”, and “Would you make one of those for me?”  After her graduation in 2014, Em enrolled in the certificate entrepreneurship courses through Coursera.  Her plan was to make a business out of what she loved doing, and on a time scale that would allow her to continue studying for her Christian Leadership degree, providing childcare a couple of days a week,  coach Silver Lining Homeschool Colorguard, and read avidly.  She not only earned the certificates but earned them with honors.  She immediately went to work applying what she had learned about entrepreneurship to her crafting, and began attending craft shows and vendor events .

16924108_1244944865587363_2085070580_n   13599999_1037500869665098_448426110180664638_n


She sold some of everything and earned more than enough money to cover supply expenses.  After a couple of other vendor events she realized the hair bows generated the most interest and that bows were not offered by the other vendors.  The hair bows continued to be her best sellers in the events that followed.


She’s even made bows exclusively for homeschoolers!

13876532_529609510567164_2702657565367861957_n   13921210_529609523900496_1905209544896570116_n

Though it’s the hair bows that have the majority of her focus and attention,  Emily still takes requests for  gifts, cards, and decorations.

13094158_496686067192842_2478757552109983239_n 14484646_1110861825662335_2221091391642410793_n

16997231_1248378681910648_1855139773_n  12311042_915189958562857_4861917777792573801_n   16997194_1248378638577319_361375564_n

12038268_896473000434553_106173250604138417_n  14720427_1119395734808944_7235347772646167400_n

Em’s Treasures is gaining repeat customers and has accepted a few custom bow orders.  Recently, she had the opportunity to create an original design for a local school’s cheer squad. This is the largest order she has been offered so far. and the first of her designs to be exactly duplicated.  Also, this was the first order to be shared with another vendor who specializes in monogramming.


Currently, Emily is preparing for the upcoming spring vendor events in our area. She’s planning to take her collection to some local boutiques to sell on commission .  Here’s a little of what Emily has started for her spring lineup.


16938548_625973984264049_255494105368490263_n  Em’s Treasures now has a Facebook business page and can accept payment through Paypal to accommodate out of town orders.  Emily could use your help with growing her business.  If you would be so kind as to give her Facebook page a “like”, it would be much appreciated.   An order would be most appreciated, too!                                                     

Thanks from a proud mama!

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The Super Bowl


A few years ago I put together a cross curriculum resource list for Super Bowl related lessons.  I have updated the post for 2017 and super Bowl 51!.






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Free Learning Resources for the Olympic Games


Our first Special Days unit study of the new school year will be based on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio.  I’ve been lesson planning and collecting resources.  And, I’ve found some fantastic free online learning resources to share with you!

Homepage for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Olympic Sports Schedule

Meet mascots Vinicius and Tom and learn what they are and who and what they represent

Free Summer Olympic Lapbook Printables

Brazil facts, interactive, and printables

Great selection of Oylmpic and Brazil free printables for all subjects and levels (you’ll need an account and it’s free to set up and won’t take long)

4 Olympic Bible verses and homeschooling ideas

Olympic Maps!  Maps and information of participating countries, Brazil, Reno, the torch relay, venues, history, events, and more

Olympic Current Event Articles for kids

Olympic Atheletes’ faith based current event articles for families

Olympic Vocabulary List with interactive and printable puzzles

“Lighting the Olympic Torch”, “Swimsuits – What A Drag”,  “Which Olympic Sport…”  math lessons adaptable for any level.  I use this site often and anticipate other Olympic math lessons to be released throughout the next few days

Olympics history and trivia interactive quizzes

Watch videos that teach about the elements gold and silver

“Mr. Science” with Hooked on Science and a kid scientist explain how your big toe can determine your athletic potential.

Play Olympic Interactive Games

“How to Be a Good Sport” article and tips for kids  with audio and printing options

“What If I Don’t Like Sports?”  article and tips for kids  with audio and printing options

List of “Sports  Injuries” and athlete health articles with audio and printing options

Learn to speak Portuguese (the official language in Brazil) with flash cards and games. Lots of other Brazil  .

Portuguese language printable worksheets and quizzes

Lots of Olympic activities, printables, and craft ideas

Brazil and Olympic themed crafts and activities.  I love the coloring page of Rio!

BIG list of Olympic arts and crafts

Fun and easy DIY backyard Olympic Games  ( Javelin Throw, Balance Beam, Discus Throw, Bean Bag Toss and Water Bucket Relay)

Party, food, and activity ideas

Let the Games Begin!  (August 5, 2016)

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Learning Resources for Special Days


Recently, I was asked what resources to use for teaching from the Special Days posts. Every month has different topics, but I turn to the same tried and trusted web sites as I collect resources for our Special Days learning.  Below is a list of those I find to be the most helpful when preparing our “from the calendar” studies.  I hope that you will find them helpful, too.

Special Days and Biographies –  How to and resource list

Resources for Presidents Birthdays

Special Days and Geography –  How to and resource list

Special Days and Science – How to with resource list

A monthly calendar “resource of links and things to do, things to learn and things to explore”

Wonderful resources, activities, crafts, recipes, and open ended ideas often related to seasons, holidays, and monthly themes for families and independent learners

Calendar of Books

“Food, Nutrition, and Health By the Month”

Monthly themed bulletin boards, lesson plans, activities, and writing prompts

Seasonal Themes with Resources

Daily Feature Video

Wonder of the Day

This Month in History

Bible based object lessons, games, projects, and science experiments which will often correspond with themes and holidays

Vocabulary lists to go with just about any seasonal or holiday topic

Seasonal and holiday themed math lessons and activities

Monthly Science Calendar with resources

Writing Prompt Calendar

Calendar Related Writing and Literacy Activities and Lesson Plans

Science Activities for Every Month of the Year  –

Crafts for holidays and themes

Special Days art lessons, craft projects, and activities

Elementary level printables with monthly themes including holidays, statehood anniversaries, and president’s birthdays

Seasonal and holiday interactive games and printables

I’m going to keep this handy resource list on the sidebar under the current Special Days icon link.  And, if you need some help developing a special day study, just let me know!

Happy Learning!

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