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And on top of all the craziness this week, now we add a Friday the 13th to the mix.  Here’s some free cross curricula/multi grade level resources for a study all about Superstitions.

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Spring Cleaning

Ah! Spring Cleaning … It’s that time of the year. Here’s some ideas and resources to turn spring cleaning into homeschooling lessons!

Still Learning Something New

spring-cleaning-road-signHooray!  It’s finally spring.  Now if our weather would just act like it!   So while we’re waiting for spring to actually make it’s appearance outside our door, we can get on that “Spring Cleaning” thing.  Our house NEEDS it.  Even though we “tidy” several times a day, it’s not deep, serious cleaning.  The windows, walls, corners, and baseboards have been sadly neglected for several months.

Spring WC Cartoon_full

I’ve found a couple of links to follow as guides as we work in some extra projects throughout the next week (or however long it takes).

Printable room by room cleaning check list  (there’s some items here that I had not thought of)

Some times it’s best to separate during clean up instead of all of us working in the same room.  These task cards will work well for when we aren’t working well together.  These also will work well all through the year…

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