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Constitution Week begins Sept. 17!  Here’s a wonderful free resource list!

Constitution Week Resources


Tracking Hurricanes

Hurricane Resource List

Hurricane Isabel 2003

NOAA: Main Page – National Hurricane Center also offers Follow That Hurricane PDF History of hurricanes and a tracking map. Tracking Chart for East Pacific region.

Enchanted Learning: Hurricane Tracking and Forecasting – Explains the symbols and other language related to storms.

IntellicastActive Track – Site offers up-to-date tracking maps and bulletins.

Storm Pulse: Track storms in the Atlantic and East Pacific. Check out information about older storms as well.

ScholasticExperiment: How to Use a Hurricane Tracking Map – How to plot a hurricane’s path. Printable maps and links.

TeacherTech: Birth of a MonsterParts of a Hurricane, Stages of a Hurricane, and more.

AZPBSRed Cross Information Booklet – 16 page informative and printable PDF booklet that includes: Facts About Hurricanes, Vocabulary, Atlantic Map, Practice Activity, Wind Scale, Wind Speed Log, and more.

Hurricane Watch: Hurricane Tracking Chart

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Relaxation VS Stress – Resource List

Still Learning Something New

Understanding stress and how to relax are life lessons I want my boys to grasp.  According to Special Days in August, the 15th is “Relaxation Day” and the perfect time for us to focus on this topic.  I’ve gathered some resources for our homeschooling lessons and want to share them with you.

“Relax” Synonyms and Antonyms

Free K-12 Teacher Guides –  What stress is and how to manage it.

Best Foods for Stress Relief

Bible Verses About Stress

Top Relaxation Techniques for Children

Relaxation Music and Nature Sound Playlist 

Make a Stress Ball

Massage Tips

Articles with Audio for Students:

The Story on Stress

Five Steps for Fighting Stress

Help Yourself Destress 

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