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Thanksgiving Unit Study Ideas and Resources

HUGE list of free resources for cross a curriculum and multi-level Thanksgiving Unit Study!

Still Learning Something New


This week we began our Thanksgiving unit studies with a couple of Pre-Thanksgiving activities.  Below are some of the links we followed as we both reviewed and learned about the early American Settlements of Roanoke and Jamestown.

3 Articles about the history and mystery of the Roanoke Colony

Roanoke Colony Creative Writing Prompt            

Online interactive Jamestown adventure                                                                                         

This history game with Pocahontas for the younger kids

Jamestown Interactive webquest adventure

Jamestown reading comprehension and printable quiz

John Smith interactive adventure           …

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via Daniel Boone

Daniel Boone was born Oct. 22, 1734. Here’s a resource list that not only includes his biography and printables, but has links to  pioneer games, wilderness survival skills, and The Wilderness Trail photos!

Chemistry Resource List

The subject of chemistry comes along fairly often with our science lessons.  With the fourth week of October being “National Chemistry Week” and the 23rd is “Mole Day”, this seems like the right time to round up the best free chemistry resources!  Here’s my collection of my favorite “go-to’s” for learning all things Chemistry.  Let me know if you have a resource that I can add to the list.

National Chemistry Week –  Student and Teaching Resources

Mole Day – Resources and Activity Ideas

Chemistry Guide “for the beginner who has no idea where to begin” –

Basic Chemistry Help and Information                                                       

Learn About the 5 Branches of Chemistry                                    

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements                                           

Periodic Table of Videos  –                                                                      

Worksheets, Teaching Notes, Puzzles, and Models –                                     

Chemistry Experiments to do at Home  –             

October 2 marks the anniversary of the very first publication of Peanuts (1950)!  Here’s a collection of Peanuts resources for a fun, whole family study.

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