According to our “Special Days in February” list, February 15 is Galileo’s birthday (1564). I’ve checked and updated our resource list from our study 4 years ago. I’m excited to do another study on this incredible scientist with the boys today!

Still Learning Something New


                                                   GALILEO GALILEI

                                              Astronomer, Physicist

                                                                 1564 – 1642

As we continue our homeschooling Middle Ages/Renaissance unit studies, we will be adding Galileo to our lessons. Not only will we be focusing on his inventions and discoveries, but also his character.   He showed great respect for those he disagreed with.  His willingness to speak out for his beliefs when such beliefs were considered heresy, is inspiring.  It’s going to be an interesting study.   I found fantastic links and want to share them with you.

Short Biography, quiz, and printables (for younger students) –

Galileo Biography, Discoveries, and Inventions (for older students)  [Parental Warning!  There was an inappropriate ad in the middle of the biography!  I was able to close it.  It may…

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The Super Bowl


A few years ago I put together a cross curriculum resource list for Super Bowl related lessons.  I have updated the post for 2017 and super Bowl 51!.






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February Resources


There are fantastic opportunities to learn from the February Calendar.  Here’s a collection of free resources for teaching and learning this month!

The BIG list of February, 2017 holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , historic figures, composers and authors birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries, and more!

Here’s my “go to” list for ideas, lesson plans, printables, book suggestions and art projects for calendar studies

Presidents with February birthdays

  • Ronald Reagan – Feb. 6, 1911
  • William Harrison – Feb. 9, 1773
  • Abraham Lincoln – Feb. 12, 1809
  • Presidents Day –  * (3rd Mon.) ,
  • George Washington  – Feb. 22, 1732

We study and review the presidents this way –

E-books, research projects, and family learning activities to go along with February themes such as Chocolate, Strawberries, Bird Watching, Library, Susan B. Anthony, Bubble Gum, Circles   –

Black History Month  –  Biographies, interactives, and printable worksheets

Free Resources for Specific Special Days in February  (Check back during the month, I’ll add to the resource list as more resources become available)

Feb. 1  –  Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week begins  –  Resources and Activities  –

Feb. 1 –  Robinson Crusoe Day  –  Activity Guide  –

Feb. 1  –  Serpent Day  –  Notable Snakes  –

Feb. 1  –  1st US Supreme Court 1790  –  Lesson Plans, Interactives, and Discussion Guide  –

Feb. 2 – Groundhog Day  – The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club- livestream, teacher’s resources, history, and more –

Feb. 3 – Artist Norman Rockwell born 1894 – PDF Family Guide from the Norman Rockwell Museum –

Feb. 4 – Thank a Mailman Day – Printable Pack –

Feb. 4 – Artist Appreciation Day – This was unanimously our family’s favorite art study ever! –

Feb. 5 – Super Bowl 51 *  –  Cross Curriculum Learning Resources and Activities –

Feb. 5 – Weatherman’s Day –  For anything weather related, this is the best “go to” site  –

Feb. 6  –  Baseball’s Babe Ruth (George Herman) born 1895  –  Articles, Stats, and Photos  –

Feb. 7 –  Author Laura Ingalls Wilder born 1867 –  –  Be sure to check out what’s available at the library.  Ours has her picture stories for younger kids as well as The Little House collection and the tv shows on dvd.

Feb. 8 – Kite Flying Day (It’s February!  I do not see us out flying kites.)  NASA has a kite simulator and other kite information.  Scroll down for the category “Kites”

Feb. 9 – Random Acts of Kindness Week begins – ideas for your family to make a difference –

Feb. 10 – French and Indian War Ends 1763 – study resources –

Feb. 11 – Inventor’s Day/Thomas Edison born 1847 –   Edison Unit Study

Feb. 13  –  Stamp Collectors Day  –  Lesson Plans and Activities

Feb. 13  –  Artist Grant Wood born 1892  –  Artist, Art, and Project Lesson Plan

Feb. 14  –  Frederick Douglass Day  –  Biography and worksheet printables

Feb. 14 – Huge list of Valentine’s Day Resources –

Feb. 15 – Galileo Galilei born 1564 –

Feb. 16 – King Tutankhamen’s Tomb opened 1923 –  Article, photos, and a quiz –

Feb. 19  –  Engineers’ Week begins * –  Videos, hands on activities, teaching resources and downloads –

Feb. 20  –  Photographer Ansel Adams born 1902  –  Interactive Lesson –

Feb. 20  –  Presidents’ Day * (3rd Mon.)  –  Learning Resources  –

Feb. 21 – Washington Monument dedicated 1885 – Photos and history –

Feb. 23  –  Composer George Frederick Handel born 1685

Feb. 24 – Author Wilhelm Grimm born 1786 – Read Brothers’ Grimm Fairy Tales online in the language of your choice –

Feb. 25 – Artist Rierre Renoir born 1841 Biography, lesson resources, and gallery –

Feb. 26 – Grand Canyon National Park established 1919 – Explore online –

Feb. 27 – Author Henry Wadsworth-Longfellow born 1807 – Tea Time Study –

Feb. 28 – Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday Stories for kids –

Feb. 28 – Smokey the Bear introduced 1944 –  Story, history, and fire prevention –

Happy February Learning!

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