Fall Festival and Party Games


Tonight is our local homeschool group’s family night and the theme is “Fall Fest”!  Our families are encouraged to bring a DIY carnival type game.  Complicated construction or expensive materials are just not necessary for great games!  Recyclables and dollar store materials combined with a little creativity is all it takes for fantastic festival fun!

I found lots online resources as I looked around for some ideas, and I’m passing the best ones on to you for your fall parties or just some seasonal play activities for you to make with your children.

Wonderful collection of activities and games! Pumpkin Golf,  Can Game, Pumpkin Bowling, and Candy Corn Toss are just a few of the easy to make and easy to set up game ideas  offered here  http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/party-games/21-halloween-party-games-and-activities

We decided to take this Spider Launch game to the party.  There’s other awesome ideas from this assortment of  25+ Simple Carnival Games   http://frugalfun4boys.com/2015/10/07/carnival-games-kids/

Z’s working on a variation to this Marble Maze STEM activity.  It’s going be a fun challenge to make and play!  We’ll be substituting the marble with a gum ball and using orange and black loops and licorice track to  transform it into a “fall” theme  http://buggyandbuddy.com/paper-plate-marble-maze/

This Paper Plate Pumpkin memory game is super easy to make and set up.  You could attach it to a poster board to hang on the wall if floor space is an issue  Scroll down a little because there’s also a link that takes you to 10 more Simple Halloween Games  http://www.pleasantestthing.com/pumpkin-memory-game

Substitute fall colors and themes with these fun and easy to make DIY Carnival Games that are sure to entertain and challenge  little kids, teens, and grown ups  http://www.mamaslikeme.com/2013/02/diy-carnival-party-games.html

Adorable and fun Fall Carnival Games  to make if you have the time and materials  http://sophie-world.com/blog/six-fall-carnival-games

This Ring Toss Game using a pumpkin and glow sticks is the perfect solution for a last minute, super simple activity.  I’ve seen some interesting gourds at the grocery store that will work marvelously for this idea, too.  If time allows, carving or painting would add a little extra decoration, but certainly not required!

0bc48daeecd772a0fdf3c5898fe020f4Do you have a favorite DIY Fall Festival game?  Please share it!  It would be great to add your ideas to these!

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World Sight Day


According to the special days calendar for October, the second Thursday is World Sight Day.  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve covered eyes, vision, and eye health so it’s time to revisit the topic.  I’ve updated our resource list.  There are awesome study helps including videos, diagrams, and activities!

Click here for the revised resource list  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/10/10/wolrd-sight-day/


Oct. 2, 1950 – 1st Peanuts Comic Strip Published! My boys asked if we could repeat this lesson! That means it was a great one! Here’s our resource list for history, drawing, music, and more…

Still Learning Something New


October 2 marks the anniversary of the very first publication of Peanuts (1950)!  This is one of the October “special days” the kids were interested in.  Yeah, I’m interested, too.  I grew up on Peanuts.   Below are some resource links to follow as we learn and have fun with Peanuts.  

Charles Schultz biography and printables  http://makingartfun.com/htm/f-maf-art-library/charles-m-schultz-biography.htm

Read Peanuts comic strips free online  http://www.gocomics.com/peanuts

Step by step instructions for how to draw Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and other Peanuts characters  http://www.dragoart.com/tags/tuts/1/2945/how-to-draw-charlie-brown-characters.htm

Blank Comic Strip Printables for making our own comics  http://www.printablepaper.net/category/comics

The Peanuts  theme song   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQybajU2GNk

Printable Piano Sheet Music (beginner level) for Linus and Lucy  http://www.magicmusictutor.com/?q=node/182

Peanuts Quiz (easy)-


Peanuts Quiz (difficult) –


And in case you’re wondering, I am going to give this study credit for literature (winks), art, music, history, and creative writing.  We may get a PE credit too  –  football kicking…

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Learning Resources for Special Days in October, 2016

fall_clipart_11The October calendar has lots of learning opportunities.  Below is a wonderful collection of free resources for themed and special day studies all through the month!

For the complete list of Special Days in October, 2016  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2016/09/24/special-days-in-october-2016/

October Themes

Presidents Born in October:

  • Oct. 1 – Jimmy Carter born 1924
  • Oct. 4 – Rutherford Hayes born 1822
  • Oct. 5 – Chester Arthur born 1829
  • Oct. 14 – Dwight Eisenhower born 1890
  • Oct. 27 – Theodore Roosevelt born 1858
  • Oct. 30 – John Adams born 1735

Resources for studying any president. https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2014/02/14/resources-for-presidents-day/

October Statehood Anniversaries

October’s Daily Specials  (the * means that the special day does not fall on the same date each year)

Oct. 1 – Model T Ford introduced 1908 – Henry Ford Biography, Quiz, and Word Games Printables – http://gardenofpraise.com/ibdford.htm

Oct. 2 –

Oct. 3 –

Oct. 4 –

Oct. 5 –  Balloons Around the World Day * –  Learning Resources –  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/06/05/hot-air-balloons/

Oct. 6 –  Mad Hatter Day – Make this adorable Cardboard Mad Hatter Hat  –  http://www.ikatbag.com/2010/06/hats.html

Oct. 7 –  Story Telling Weekend begins *-  Story Telling Tips – http://www.storyteller.net/articles/296

Oct. 8 –  World Sight Day –  Learning Resources – https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/10/10/wolrd-sight-day/

Oct. 9

Oct. 10 –

Oct. 11  –  Elenore Roosevelt born 1884  –  Here’s a short biography, reading comprehension quizzes and word puzzle printables  http://www.gardenofpraise.com/ibderoos.htm

Oct. 12 –

Oct. 13 –

Oct. 15

Oct. 16

Oct. 17 –  Nuclear Science Week begins * –  Teaching Resources and Student Activities –  http://www.nuclearconnect.org/in-the-classroom/for-teachers

Oct. 19

Oct. 20 –

Oct. 22 –

Oct. 25 –

Oct. 26

Oct. 27 –  Tell a Story Day  –  Story Telling Tips  http://www.storytelling-nyc.org/tips.html

Oct. 28

Oct. 29

Oct. 30 –  Radio Broadcast of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds 1938  –  Read an article and listen to the recording here  http://www.ibtimes.com/war-worlds-radio-broadcast-turns-75-listen-orson-welles-famous-hoax-1447470

Oct. 31

The list of my favorite “go to”and “cross curriculum” resources to help with monthly themes, calendar, and special days lesson planning  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2016/07/31/learning-resources-for-special-days/

Happy October Learning!

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