One of Our Favorite Things – The Wall

We had a very plain wall in our kitchen/school/office. After seeing some DIY chalkboard ideas back in August., I got my own idea for one right where that plain old wall is.  At first my husband wasn’t too sure about painting a wall black, but being the good guy he is, he agreed to it.

This project has been the best $20 our family has ever spent (one can of chalkboard paint and 100 pieces of sidewalk chalk). We love our chalkboard wall.  It has become one of our favorite things about our home.  It’s even worth the dust mess!

Here’s some of the art we’ve put up on it…



chalkboard viking

E17's Hunger Games themed b-day party.

c b fall wall


    chalkboard snoopy   c b Christmas Eve

B14's Giant Panda

c b knight

poetry wall 2




Pirate Ship

Fall Wall 2013

The Grinch - Christmas 2013






















42 thoughts on “One of Our Favorite Things – The Wall

  1. Debbie S.

    Hooray, pictures! You KNOW I love your artwork! It’s great to see it all posted in one place. Such a great idea & such a creative family! Btw, they do make dustless chalk, you know. Lol! Although I read it still actually produces ‘dust’ – it’s just heavier particles that fall to the floor instead of floating in the air. May be what you’re using…either way sounds messy, but still looks like fun!

      1. Betty Jo Post author

        Oh honey I’m so sorry. The computer crashed last night while I was working on the blog, then it was so late I guess it just got overlooked. I forgot about the giant panda, too. I’ll update tonight, ok? And , thanks for viewing the blog, daughter.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thanks for visiting my site, Tricia. Glad you liked it. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now and feel so honored that you took the time to visit here.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Heather, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I feel honored. I’ve been following you for some time now, and I’m thrilled to have linked up with Hearts for Home. betty jo

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    1. Betty Jo Post author

      We love it, but wish I had not put it on a wall with an electric outlet or by the floor vent. It gets a little messy when we clean it or do a lot of coloring. Thanks Marcy for visiting the blog. Please stop by again.

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  11. Merry Hearts Medicine

    I can imagine the dust IS pretty extreme, but that still looks like a really great idea!

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thank you! However, “brilliant” doesn’t exactly describe our wall today. We’ve started a new mural and the dust mess has spread out of the kitchen/school area and into the hall.

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