An Olympic Games Update


That’s our latest chalkboard wall mural! And, part of our 2016 Olympic Games studies.  We’ve loved learning about Brazil, how to speak a little Portuguese, watching the events, and athlete interviews.

We picked up some awesome books during our weekly library trip.


I posted our resource list last week and have made some tweeks since actually beginning the study.  Sadly, one of the Portuguese language links ended up with some inappropriate for children (or parents) phrases.  That link along with a couple of others have been removed.

After seeing broken bones, bandage wraps, bruises, and other injuries, I added a link to a couple of great articles for kids about sports safety and athlete health.  Learning good sportsmanship has now been added to the resources.  And, some more faith, science, and math connections, too.

Oh, and what about an Olympic Party?  Sounds fun!  I found a resource for foods, recipes, and decorations!

You can see the newly revised Learning Resources for the Olympic Games here

If you’re interested in more about our chalkboard wall, you can see our art projects here

Hope you’ll be enjoying the Rio games with your family, too!

betty jo




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