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Annie Oakley born August 13, 1860!  A few years ago we added her to our timeline.  Here are the online resources we used as we learned, were entertained, and inspired by this bold and fabulous lady!

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August 12th is “World Elephant Day”! I hope you can take some time to study these magnificent creatures.  Here’s some amazing free resources to help you out.


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Creative Inspirations #3

Each month I like to offer my kids a bunch of activities that’ll spark their imagination and creativity. I think the stories and activities a person can come up with when offered an open-ended idea is amazing. 

For this activity you will need: Balloons, something to juggle, an audio/video device, paper, and pencil, and anything else you can think of.

The two words for this month are:

Balloons & Juggle

What can be done with the words?
These words can be used alone, or mixed and matched in any way to inspire stories, and then expressed in the form of a poem, diorama, dance, game, activity, song, musical composition, skit, a dramatic expression, sculpture, a structure of some kind, or something else of the person’s choosing. 

Tips & Suggestions

 Creativity is the main goal for this activity, there aren’t any limits.

Use a thesaurus to…

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July 16 – World Snake Day”
Here’s my collection of cross curriculum snake themed resources!

Still Learning Something New

“Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?” asks Indiana Jones, and this homeschooling mama is asking that too!  I know some people who have pet snakes and enjoy them and others who have extreme fear of them. Growing up in Kentucky, I’ve even heard rumors of snake handling in churches! Personally, I’m in more of a basic “just avoid them” category.  Honestly, I’d rather avoid a snake study but  “July 16 – World Snake Day” was marked on our list of  Special Days in July  , which means it’s an interest study request. I don’t want to say no to an interest study, and it’s been a while since we did an animal research project, so …

Here’s my collection of cross curriculum snake themed resources to share with you for when you find yourself facing a snake study.

Snake Facts Slide Show

Image Gallery: Snakes of the World

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