Christmas Resource Roundup!

This will be my twenty-first December of teaching Christmas related lessons!  Quite a few of those have been with online resources.  Here’s the roundup of my Christmas themed resource and idea blog posts (all have been recently checked and updated!)

Here’s a free printable of the “Holiday” related list of December’s Special Days                   CHRISTMAS THEMED SPECIAL DAYS

This is my collection of Advent and Christmas Countdown, cross curricular resources from a few  years ago.  These made everyday until Christmas even more special

And another cross curricular Christmas Countdown and Advent Resource List

We have learned about Christmas traditions from around the world.  It was an awesome study!  We used these resources –                                                          

Christmas Sciences!  Here’s a fantastic collection of Science resources to add to your Christmas learning!                                       

Christmas Break Fun –  Collection of Christmas themed online games and unplugged activities

How about a research project about Elves?    

Hanukkah Activities and Resources

Need some holiday humor?  I’ve got that too!

Merry Teaching and Learning!

betty jo


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