How Holidays Are Made and Other Christmas Science Lessons


Our Christmas studies have been going well.  We’ve been covering Christmas themed Bible, social studies, math, foreign language, music and language arts lessons since the beginning of December.  However,  science studies have been lacking.  For our final week of learning of the semester, we’ll be focusing on science but will still be keeping our Christmas theme.

How It’s Made is a science discovery site which features short videos.  Here your family can watch how glass ornaments, artificial trees, and candy canes are made.

Made How is a “new to me” site.  While exploring there, I found helpful articles  explaining the background, materials, design, and manufacturing of  popular holiday items.  This site doesn’t have an index or search bar, so I’ve linked to each item individually below.



Artificial Snow

Fruit Cake

Model Trains

Glass Ornaments

Greeting Cards

Holiday Lights


Wrapping Paper

Candy Canes


A Vintage Educational Film from the 1950’s Tour of a Toy Factory

For other science related Christmas themes:

My friend, Fran, has some great ideas and links for adding reindeer (animal science) to Christmas themed studies

12 Days of Science – a brief science lesson with an activity (these are good lessons)

Christmas STEM Activities                                          

Winter Solstice lesson plans

Evergreen Tree resource connections

Arctic and Inuit Unit Study with Lapbook Printables

Polar Animals Lapbook Printables

Interactive Chemistry Advent Calendar –

Sing-along to Physics and Chemistry Carols  –

20 Christmas Science Experiments

Christmas Science Experiment Videos                                         

A terrific last minute gift idea – DIY Science Kit-

I hope you’re enjoying the holiday studies in your homes as well!

Merry Science,

betty jo


8 thoughts on “How Holidays Are Made and Other Christmas Science Lessons

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Fran, it is fun to learn how things are made! I’m glad you can use the resources. Thanks to you, too. The reindeer links are a good science study.

  1. Betty Jo Post author

    Reblogged this on Still Learning Something New and commented:

    As I was preparing our Christmas season lesson plans, I checked this post from last year to see what I already had and WOW! There’s several we didn’t cover last year. This is going to make it easy. All the links seem to still be working.

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