Shauny Award


Early Monday morning as I was working on getting the latest “Homeschooling Humor” post ready to publish, I received a comment notification on my admin board.  I had been given The Shauny Award!

What’s the *Shauny Award*?

This is a newly created award.

This award is given to blogs/bloggers who:

  • Show humanity,
  • show love,
  • be yourself,
  • don’t be others,
  • don’t gossip,
  • share the award with other bloggers

This award is also a humbling surprise!  In fact, it’s a humbling surprise that anyone at all reads my blog!  Thank you, Crazy Awesome Love for sharing the Shauny Award  with me!

Now for the really fun part!  Passing the award on to some of my favorite blogs/bloggers!

Faithful Mom of 9 – Living and Homeschooling With Our New Normal

Lake Norman Prep – Simple Days Making for an Exciting Adventure

Especially Made

God Led Learning –

Dear reader, I hope you can make the time to visit Crazy Awesome Love and these few of my favorite blogs.

betty jo


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