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Shauny Award


Early Monday morning as I was working on getting the latest “Homeschooling Humor” post ready to publish, I received a comment notification on my admin board.  I had been given The Shauny Award!

What’s the *Shauny Award*?

This is a newly created award.

This award is given to blogs/bloggers who:

  • Show humanity,
  • show love,
  • be yourself,
  • don’t be others,
  • don’t gossip,
  • share the award with other bloggers

This award is also a humbling surprise!  In fact, it’s a humbling surprise that anyone at all reads my blog!  Thank you, Crazy Awesome Love for sharing the Shauny Award  with me!  http://crazyawesomelove.com/

Now for the really fun part!  Passing the award on to some of my favorite blogs/bloggers!

Faithful Mom of 9 – Living and Homeschooling With Our New Normal  http://www.faithfulmomof9.com/

Lake Norman Prep – Simple Days Making for an Exciting Adventure  http://lakenormanprep.wordpress.com/

Especially Made  http://especiallymade.wordpress.com/

God Led Learning – http://godledlearning.wordpress.com/

Dear reader, I hope you can make the time to visit Crazy Awesome Love and these few of my favorite blogs.

betty jo