Change of Plans and A Melting Pot Christmas

canceled1The first  week of homeschooling Christmas we had  4 sick kids, 3 canceled events, 2 visitors, and roads closing due to a winter storm.  Hey, that could (almost) be sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”!

We are making a slight change of plans this week with our “Christmas in Early America” studies, too.  After a three day study/review of the original colonies, we started researching Christmas in the colonies.  That was when we learned that in Boston, Christmas celebrations were against the law!  In the other early colonies, Christmas was decorated ,  foods prepared, and celebrated by whatever traditions those early colonists brought with them when they sailed over.

So, for the rest of our learning days before we break for the holidays, our new lesson focus will be more of a “Christmas Around the World” theme.

Short_storiesThis study will not actually take us away from our years course of study of Early American History, it truly relates to an early American theme…”The Melting Pot”.   America is called this because we, the people, came from everywhere around the world, but coming to America made us one nation.


Below are the best of the internet links I’ve found for studying Christmas Around the World!

Interactive advent calendar which features Christmas facts and information from a different country each day

Clever video from Team Marco Polo

Christmas customs, traditions, and how to say “Merry Christmas” in more than 50 languages

Free Christmas Around the World printables for all grades and subjects (you will need an account to access, but it’s simple to set up and worth the effort for printable resources to use throughout the year)

Unit Study and Lapbook Printables –

Fun Fact Note Cards Printable –

Though we already have our crafting ideas and supplies ready to add to our learning, we may try to include an idea or two that goes along with our new theme.  Christmas Around the World craft ideas

A nice collection Christmas songs from around the world

And just thinking of “melting pot” conjures images of melting chocolate chips for fruits, cookies, and pretzels and also of warm soupy cheeses for breads, veggies, and meats.

Chocolate-Chips Red_Leicester

Our holiday cooking lessons and potluck dishes to share will most definitely have to be fondues!

Kid friendly instructions, tips, and fondue recipies

For other Christmas study related posts see here

May our Christmas plans not just be merry and bright, but FLEXIBLE!

betty jo


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