Change of Plans and A Melting Pot Christmas

The first  week of homeschooling Christmas we had  4 sick kids, 3 canceled events, 2 visitors, and roads closing due to a winter storm.  Hey, that could (almost) be sung to the tune of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”! We are making a slight change of plans this week with our “Christmas in Early America” […]

Christmas Resource Roundup!

This will be my twenty-first December of teaching Christmas related lessons!  Quite a few of those have been with online resources.  Here’s the roundup of my Christmas themed resource and idea blog posts (all have been recently checked and updated!) Here’s a free printable of the “Holiday” related list of December’s Special Days      […]

Learning Resources for Special Days in December, 2014

With it being already the 2nd of December, I thought I’d go ahead and post the learning resources for part of December.  I’m quite behind with getting it finished due to Thanksgiving, decorating, and designing our Christmas studies.  I’ll update as I can, but at least this gives us a start on December’s special days […]