Questioning Elves


Once again it started with a simple question, , “How did elves end up in Christmas traditions?”  And so the research began!  Below are the online resources and activities we linked to as we discovered the origins, lore, secrets, and magic of elves.

Elves make appearances in Norse mythology, Shakespeare, and Tolkien. Those tell of elves in forests, but not at the North Pole helping Santa!  Elf Origins and History –

After hundreds of years of elves being a part of Germanic paganism, the beliefs carried over to the Scandinavian people.  “The perception of gnomes largely depended on whether a person was naughty or nice”  Read more about it here and find out how by the mid 1800’s elves had made a place in our Christmas traditions

To keep our elf studies in the proper perspective –

Leadership lessons from one of our favorite Christmas movies, Elf

Several Elf Documentary (?) Videos –

Listen to The Elves and the Shoemaker

Christmas Elf Jokes, Mischief, and Ideas –

My friend, Fran, has some fun elf ideas  –

Elf Pal Academy offers themed activities that can be fun and educational  (several resources here for my younger boys)

“Elf on the Shelf”? No, but We’re enjoying looking at social media photos of the creative things parents are doing.  However, as we wrap up (pun intended) our Christmas studies, we used a few of these suggestions for “Kindness Elf” activities.

With all of the added activities, caroling, parties, crafts, baking, shopping, and decorating of the season, we have certainly been as busy as elves!

Elves ended up being an unexpected but appropriate, interesting, and fun study to close out our homeschooling semester.

Merry Learning!

betty jo






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