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Homeschool Humor – Thanksgiving Edition



Happy Monday! Happy Homeschooling!  And, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Special Days in November, 2017


Here’s the list of November, 2017  holidays, observances, food themes, and awareness days, historic figures, composers, artists and authors birthdays, science and history based anniversaries,  and more!   There’s much to learn about, celebrate, and eat all November long!

Resources for teaching through November, including a PDF of November’s Special Days, can be found at the end of this list.

November Themes

  • Adoption Awareness
  • Adopt a Senior Pet
  • Adopt a Turkey
  • Alzheimer’s Awareness
  • American Indian Heritage
  • Aviation History
  • Child Safety and Protection
  • Creative Child
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy Awareness
  • Family Caregivers
  • Family Literacy
  • Family Stories
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Historic Bridge
  • Home Care and Hospice
  • International Drum
  • Inspirational Role Models
  • Life Writing
  • Long Term Care Awareness
  • Lung Cancer Awareness
  • MADD’s Tie One On For Safety Holiday
  • Manatee Awareness
  • Marrow Awareness Month
  • Military Family Appreciation
  • Model Railroad
  • Marrow Awareness
  • Mustache
  • Music
  • Native American Heritage Month
  • No TV
  • Novel Writing (NaNoWriMo)
  • NoSHAVEmber
  • Pancreatic Cancer Awareness
  • Prematurity Awareness
  • Real Jewelry
  • Scholarship Month
  • Sleep Comfort
  • Stamp Collecting

November Food Themes

  • Banana Pudding Lovers
  • Diabetes Awareness
  • Georgia Pecan
  • Gluten-Free Diet Awareness
  • Good Nutrition
  • Greens
  • Plantains
  • Peanut Butter Lovers
  • Pepper
  • Plum
  • Pomegranate
  • Raisin Bread
  • Roasting
  • Squash
  • Spinach
  • Sweet Potato Awareness
  • Vegan

November Daily Specials   (the * following the special day means that it may fall on a different date each year)

Nov. 1

  • All Saints Day
  • Authors’ Day
  • Bison Day
  • Cook for Your Pets Day
  • Missionary William Borden born 1887
  • Deep Fried Clams Day
  • Digital Scrapbooking Day
  • Extra Mile Day
  • Family Caregiver Day
  • Family Literacy Day
  • Fig Week begins
  • Give Up Your Shoulds Day
  • Go Cook For Your Pet Day
  • International Games Day
  • Plate Tectonics Day
  • Prime Meridian Day
  • Vinegar Day
  • World Communication Week begins
  • World Vegan Day

Nov. 2

  • All Souls Day
  • Book Lovers Day
  • Cookie Monster Day
  • Daniel Boone born 1734 (other sources claim Oct. 22)
  • Deviled Egg Day
  • Give Wildlife a Break (Brake) Week begins
  • President Warren Harding born 1865
  • Look For Circles Day
  • Men Make Dinner Day * (1st Thurs.)
  • North Dakota statehood 1889
  • Plan Your Epitaph Day
  • President James Polk born 1795
  • South Dakota Statehood 1889

Nov. 3

  • Poet Wm. C. Bryant born 1794
  • Cliche’ Day
  • Dominica Independence 1979
  • First Dog in Space 1957
  • Housewife’s Day
  • Jellyfish Day
  • Panama Independence (from Columbia) 1903
  • Sandwich Day

Nov. 4

  • Book Lovers Day * (1st Sat.)
  • Candy Day
  • Cash Register patented 1880
  • Chicken Lady Day
  • Common Sense Day
  • Digital Scrapbooking Day * (1st Sat.)
  • Mischief Night
  • Author Sterling North born 1906
  • King Tut’s Tomb discovered 1922
  • Use Your Common Sense Day

Nov. 5

  • Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week * (1st full week)
  • Bonfire Night
  • Daylight Savings Time Ends * (1st Sun.)
  • Doughnut Day
  • Gasoline-driven Automobile patented 1895
  • Gunpowder Day
  • Guy Fawkes Day
  • Love Your Red Hair Day
  • Rad Tech Week begins * (week with the 8th)
  • Author Marcia Sewall born 1935
  • Tar Barrels Event
  • Zero Tasking Day * (1st Sun.)

Nov. 6

  • Electric Shaver patented 1923
  • International Day of Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War
  • Job Action Day (1st Mon.)
  • Marooned Without a Compass Day
  • Nachos Day
  • Composer Ignace Paderewski born 1860
  • Saxophone Day
  • Composer John Phillips Sousa born 1854
  • Traffic Directors Day * (1st Mon.)

Nov. 7

  • Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day
  • Canadian Pacific Railway completed 1885
  • Scientist Marie Curie born 1867
  • Dear Santa Week begins
  • Election Day (US)  * (Tues. after the 1st Mon.)
  • Evangelist Billy Graham born 1918
  • Hug a Bear Day
  • Traffic Directors Day

Nov. 8

  • Game Inventor Milton Bradley born 1836
  • Cappuccino Day
  • Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day
  • Dunce Day
  • Astronomer Edmond Hailey born 1656
  • Montana statehood 1889
  • Parents as Teachers Day
  • Punster’s Day
  • Pursuit of Happiness Week begins
  • Split Pea Soup Week begins
  • STEM & STEAM Day
  • Tounge Twister Day (some sources site the 12th)
  • X-Ray Day

Nov. 9

  • Berlin Wall opened 1989
  • Cambodia Independence 1953
  • Chaos Never Dies Day
  • Kristallnacht anniversary 1938
  • Nurse Practitioner’s Week begins

Nov. 10

  • Area Code Day
  • Forget-Me-Not Day
  • Great Wall of China opened to tourism 1970
  • Theologian Martin Luther born 1483
  • US Marine Corps established 1775
  • 1st Motorcycle 1885
  • Sesame Street debut 1969
  • Vanilla Cupcake Day
  • Veteran’s Day * (On the 11th unless on weekend)
  • Windshield Wipers patented 1903

Nov. 11

  • Angola Independence 1975
  • Armistice Day
  • Death/Duty Day
  • Domino Day (2nd Sat.)
  • Gaming Day (2nd Sat.)
  • Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week begins *(Week before Thanksgiving)
  • Origami Day
  • Poland Independence Day 1918
  • Remembrance Day (UK and Canada)
  • Rhodesia Independence 1965
  • Sadie Hawkins Day * (Sat. after the 9th – other sources say always on the 13th)
  • Sundae Day
  • Veterans Day (US) (Except when falling on weekend)
  • Washington statehood 1889
  • World War 1 ended 1918

Nov. 12

  • Baha’u’llah Day
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Day
  • 1st Flying Trapeze Act performed 1859
  • Fraud Awareness Week begins *
  • Geography Awareness Week begins* (2nd full week)
  • Pizza with Everything (Except Anchovies) Day
  • Author Marjorie K. Rawlings born 1896
  • Sculptor Auguste Rodin born 1849
  • Suffragist/Reformer Elizabeth Stanton born 1815

Nov. 13

  • American Education Week *
  • Indian Pudding Day
  • Physicist James Maxwell born 1831
  • Author Robert Lewis Stevenson born 1850
  • Vietnam Memorial dedicated 1982
  • World Kindness Day

Nov. 14

  • Inventor Robert Fulton born 1765
  • International Girls Day
  • Loosen Up – Lighten Up Day
  • Artist Claude Monet born 1840
  • Operating Room Nurse Day
  • Pickle Day
  • Spicy Guacamole Day
  • Teddy Bear Day
  • World Diabetes Day
  • Young Readers Day * (2nd Tues.)

Nov. 15

  • America Recycles Day
  • Bundt Pan Day
  • Clean Your Refrigerator Day
  • Educational Support Professionals Day * (3rd Wed.)
  • GSI Day (Geographic Information Systems) * (3rd Wed.)
  • Steve Irwin Day
  • Artist Georgia O’Keefe born 1887
  • Love To Write Day
  • Philanthropy Day

Nov. 16

  • Button Day
  • Fast Food Day
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week begins
  • Great American Smokeout * (3rd Thurs.)
  • Have a Party With Your Bear Day
  • International Day for Tolerance
  • Murray River Discovered 1824
  • Oklahoma statehood 1907
  • Use Less Stuff Day * (3rd Thurs.)

Nov. 17

  • Baklava Day
  • Electronic Greeting Card Day
  • Elizabeth 1 Crowned Queen of England 1588
  • Entrepreneurship Week begins
  • Explorers Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean 1805 (some sources say 15th)
  • Guinness World Record Day
  • Homemade Bread Day
  • Scientist August Mobius born 1790
  • Prematurity Awareness Day
  • Suez Canal completed 1869
  • Take A Hike Day
  • World Peace Day

Nov. 18

  • Adoption Day * (Sat. before Thanksgiving)
  • Gaming Day * (3rd Sat.)
  • Last Pony Express Delivery 1861
  • Mickey Mouse debut 1928
  • Occult Day
  • Panama Independence (from Spain) 1821
  • Push Button Phone introduced 1963
  • Survivors of Suicide Day * (Sat. before Thanksgiving)
  • William Tell Day

Nov. 19

  • Bible Week * (Sun. before Thanksgiving)
  • Carbonated Beverage with Caffeine Day
  • Children’s Book Week begins * (3rd week)
  • Equal Opportunity Day
  • Explorer George Rogers Clark born 1752
  • Farm City Week * (week of US Thanksgiving)
  • Game and Puzzle Week * (Sun. before Thanksgiving)
  • President James Garfield born 1831
  • Geography Awareness Week * (3rd full week)
  • Gettysburg Address 1863
  • Guinness World Record Day * (3rd Sun.)
  • Have a Bad Day Day
  • Monaco Independence 1861
  • Evangelist Billy Sunday born 1935
  • World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims * (3rd Sun.)
  • World Toilet Day

Nov. 20

  • Absurdity Day
  • Beautiful Day
  • G.O.H.A.R.D. (Globally Organized Hug a Runner Day) *
  • Astronomer Edwin Hubble born 1889
  • Name Your PC Day
  • Peanut Butter Fudge Day
  • Universal Children’s Day
  • World Day of Prayer and Action for Children *

Nov. 21

  • Alascattalo Day
  • False Confession Day
  • Gingerbread Cookie Day
  • First Untethered Hot Air Balloon Flight 1763
  • North Carolina statehood 1789
  • Author Voltaire born 1694
  • World Hello Day
  • World TV Day

Nov. 22

  • Church/State Separation Week begins
  • Composer Hoagie Carmichael born 1899
  • Go For a Ride Day
  • Hailey’s Comet discovered 1682
  • Humane Society founded 1954
  • President John F. Kennedy assassinated 1963
  • Lebanon Independence 1943
  • Shopping Reminder Day * (Day before Thanksgiving – US)
  • Start Your Own Country Day

Nov. 23

  • Aura Awareness Day
  • Outlaw William H. Bonney (Billy the Kid) born 1859
  • Cashew Day
  • Eat a Cranberry Day
  • Espresso Day
  • Dr. Who Day (1st premiered 1963)
  • Fibonacci Day
  • Pencil Sharpener patented 1897
  • President Franklin Pierce born 1804
  • Thanksgiving (US) * (4th Thurs.)

Nov. 24

  • All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day
  • Barbed Wire patented 1874
  • Black Friday * (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Buy Nothing Day * (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
  • Grace Horsley Darling born 1815
  • Darwin’s Origin of the Species published 1859
  • Day of Listening * (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Evolution Day
  • Flossing Day * (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Composer Scott Joplin born 1868
  • Native American Heritage Day * (day after Thanksgiving)
  • Sinkie Day * (day after Thanksgiving)
  • President Zachary Taylor born 1784

Nov. 25

  • Aura Awareness Day (4th Sat.)
  • Author/Illustrator Marc Brown born 1946
  • Author PD Eastman born 1909
  • International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  • Parfait Day
  • Small Business Saturday * (Sat. after US Thanksgiving)
  • Suriname Independence 1975
  • Woody Woodpecker debut 1940

Nov. 26

  • Casablanca (movie) premiered 1942
  • Mongolia Independence Day 1924
  • Cartoonist Charles Schulz born 1922
  • Stir-up Sunday * (Sun. before Advent)

Nov. 27

  • Bavarian Cream Pie Day
  • Scientist Anders Celsius born 1701
  • Cyber Monday * (Mon. after Thanksgiving)
  • Evangelist Luis Palau born 1934
  • Pins and Needles Day
  • Ringling Brothers 1st Performance 1882
  • You’re Welcome Day

Nov. 28

  • Albania Independence 1912
  • French Toast Day
  • Make Your Own Head Day
  • Mauritania Independence 1960
  • Red Planet Day

Nov. 29

  • Author Louisa May Alcott born 1832
  • Chocolates Day
  • Electronic Greetings Day
  • Lemon Creme Pie Day
  • Author CS Lewis born 1898
  • Square Dance Day
  • Throw Out Your Leftovers Day

Nov. 30

  • Barbados Independence 1966
  • Winston Churchill born 1874
  • Author Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) born 1835
  • Computer Security Day
  • Meth Awareness Day
  • Mousse Day
  • St. Andrew’s Day
  • Southern Yemen Independence 1967
  • Stay Home Because You’re Well Day


Here’ is the collection of my favorite “go to” resources for special days studies  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2016/07/31/learning-resources-for-special-days/

How I use Special Days lists in our homeschool blog series :

Special Days and the Evolution of Morning Calendar Time

Special Days and Biographies

Special Days and Geography

Special Days and Science

Currently, I’m updating the November Resource List for 2017.

I make my monthly special days calendars by using several sources including old calendars, holiday books, newspapers, and the web. If you know of a special day that I do not have listed, please comment and let me know what it is so I can add it in. Below are the links to my favorite online calendars.








Happy November!

betty jo

Special Days and the Evolution of Morning Calendar Time


Like many other homeschooling families and classrooms worldwide, we used the calendar as part of our early learning activities.   Calendars are the best way to learn the name of the months and days of the week.  Counting down to holidays and birthdays were some of our earliest math lessons. “Morning Calendar Time” was often the highlight of our homeschooling day.  When we started calendar learning with our second child, we added a few things for our oldest, such as the month’s name origin, gemstone, and prominent constellations.  And, this type of calendar learning continued on through the preschool years of children three, four, and five.  Cross curricular and multi- level unit studies of seasons and holidays were extensions from that “Morning Calendar Time” and were something we all looked forward to as we would break from our regular learning.

Then one August morning,  Joshua (child #4) was rather distraught about the lack of a family birthday or holiday being on our calendar.  Our local homeschool support group did not have a party or field trip scheduled for August either. He was so disappointed. There was nothing “special” to look forward to.   His unhappiness was contagious.

At that time, the older children were working on a study of the Middle Ages so we began adding the birthdates of the people we were learning about to the calendar. Then one day, we stumbled upon a food calendar so we added food days to our calendar (and often to our shopping list and menu) and nutrition studies to our schooling.

In September of the next year, we learned that there was a “Talk Like a Pirate Day”! Of course we added that to our calendar and lesson plans. Soon we were discovering odd and unusual holidays for every month. No longer was Joshua going to be sad during morning calendar time because there weren’t special days. In fact, we had collected so many special days, the wall calendar didn’t have enough room for us to accommodate them all! Thus, a Special Days list was started!

The following year we were focusing our studies on US History.  We added presidents, explorers, and patriots birthdays and statehood anniversaries to our list. We also included the opening and dedication dates of state parks and monuments. War related dates were put on the list as well. The following year as we were learning about world cultures and religions, we were able to add their holidays to our special days collection.

A friend, knowing our building interest of  calendar studies, gifted us with an educational activity book that was based off of authors, artists, and composer birthdays. The book also listed the dates for invention patents and historical events.  Yes, you guessed it!  Many of those dates were put on our list!

It was never my intention to turn our Morning Calendar time into a full curriculum, but that is what  happened. Every month offers so many holidays, famous persons birthdays, foods, statehood anniversaries, historic and scientific anniversaries,  foreign nations heritages observances, health related observances,  wildlife  and conservation awareness days, arts, music, and physical activities that we’ve been able to learn more than enough to cover nearly all of our core subjects and elective studies!  Some days we’re even able to incorporate a math lesson with the special day!

This upcoming school year will be our 4th year of having nearly all of our learning coming from the calendar!  We are not even close to exhausting the educational possibilities based on the monthly Special Days lists. And, we are still making it longer! Starting  July, 2017, the updated Special Days lists will included foreign country Independence Days and National Days.

The current month’s Special Days list and resource collections are always accessible from the right side bar of my blog page. Other months can be found by an archive search or search bar (also in the right margin). The lists are updated often.

Along with my friend, Fran from Funschooling, I hostess a Facebook group based on fun learning activities for seasonal themes and special days. You can request to join Fun Days Homeschooling Co-op here. We’d love to have you!

“How do you make your Special Days lists your curriculum?” is a question I hear often.  I’m planning a blog series, “Special Days and …” to answer that “how” question for each subject along with  resources and ideas.

Special Days and Biographies –   How to with resource list

Special Days and Geography  –  How to with resource list

Special Days and Science    –  How to with resource list

I have co-authored an Activity Companion for learning with August’s and September’s Special Days. An October Activity Companion is in the works!

How do you use the Special Days list in your classroom or homeschool?  I’m looking forward to your responses!  And, if you have questions, let me have those too!

betty jo



Em’s Treasures


The end of “Entrepreneurship Week” (February 20 – 25) seems like the perfect time for me to take the opportunity to tell you about my daughter, Emily, and Em’s Treasures!  She has had an interest in crafting since she was a little girl.  We would include crafts and art projects with our homeschooling work, but that wasn’t enough for her. She spent hours of her spare time creating and making.  By the time she was a teenager, she was getting comments such as,  “You should sell that!”, and “Would you make one of those for me?”  After her graduation in 2014, Em enrolled in the certificate entrepreneurship courses through Coursera.  Her plan was to make a business out of what she loved doing, and on a time scale that would allow her to continue studying for her Christian Leadership degree, providing childcare a couple of days a week,  coach Silver Lining Homeschool Colorguard, and read avidly.  She not only earned the certificates but earned them with honors.  She immediately went to work applying what she had learned about entrepreneurship to her crafting, and began attending craft shows and vendor events .

16924108_1244944865587363_2085070580_n   13599999_1037500869665098_448426110180664638_n


She sold some of everything and earned more than enough money to cover supply expenses.  After a couple of other vendor events she realized the hair bows generated the most interest and that bows were not offered by the other vendors.  The hair bows continued to be her best sellers in the events that followed.


She’s even made bows exclusively for homeschoolers!

13876532_529609510567164_2702657565367861957_n   13921210_529609523900496_1905209544896570116_n

Though it’s the hair bows that have the majority of her focus and attention,  Emily still takes requests for  gifts, cards, and decorations.

13094158_496686067192842_2478757552109983239_n 14484646_1110861825662335_2221091391642410793_n

16997231_1248378681910648_1855139773_n  12311042_915189958562857_4861917777792573801_n   16997194_1248378638577319_361375564_n

12038268_896473000434553_106173250604138417_n  14720427_1119395734808944_7235347772646167400_n

Em’s Treasures is gaining repeat customers and has accepted a few custom bow orders.  Recently, she had the opportunity to create an original design for a local school’s cheer squad. This is the largest order she has been offered so far. and the first of her designs to be exactly duplicated.  Also, this was the first order to be shared with another vendor who specializes in monogramming.


Currently, Emily is preparing for the upcoming spring vendor events in our area. She’s planning to take her collection to some local boutiques to sell on commission .  Here’s a little of what Emily has started for her spring lineup.


16938548_625973984264049_255494105368490263_n  Em’s Treasures now has a Facebook business page and can accept payment through Paypal to accommodate out of town orders.  Emily could use your help with growing her business.  If you would be so kind as to give her Facebook page a “like”, it would be much appreciated.   An order would be most appreciated, too!                                                               https://www.facebook.com/Ems-Treasures-477293785798737/

Thanks from a proud mama!

betty jo

The Super Bowl


A few years ago I put together a cross curriculum resource list for Super Bowl related lessons.  I have updated the post for 2017 and super Bowl 51!.







betty jo




Special Days in December, 2016


Special Days in December has been updated for 2017!   CLICK HERE


December is packed with  holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , historic figures and authors birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries,  and more!  Whether you’re looking for something special to study, celebrate, or add to the menu, this list of special days for December, 2016 gives you plenty to choose from.

December Themes, Observances, and Awareness Days:

  • Art and Architecture
  • Basketball (1st played Dec. 1891)
  • Bingo
  • Learn a Foreign Language
  • Operation Santa Paws
  • Read a New Book
  • Safe Toys and Gifts
  • Spiritual Literacy
  • Tie
  • Universal Human Rights
  • World AIDS
  • Write A Business Plan
  • Write a Friend

December’s Food Themes

  • Egg Nog
  • Exotic Fruit
  • Food Safety
  • Fruit Cake
  • Pear
  • Quince
  • Root Vegetables
  • Tomato
  • Winter Squash

December, 2015 Daily Specials
(the * means that the special day does not necessarily fall on the same date every year)

Dec. 1

  • Aardvark Week begins
  • Christmas Tree Week begins
  • Civil Air Patrol Day
  • Cookie Cutter Week begins
  • Day With(out) Art Day
  • Deaf Heritage Week begins
  • Eat a Red Apple Day
  • First Passenger Balloon Flight 1783
  • Handwashing Awareness Week begins
  • Rosa Parks Day
  • Pie Day
  • Tolerance Week begins
  •  Draft Reinstated 1969
  • World Aids Awareness Day

Dec. 2

  • Abolition of Slavery Day
  • Fritters Day
  • Mutt Day
  • Missionary Mary Slessor born 1848
  • Missionary CT Studd born 1860
  • Special Education Day

Dec. 3

  • Disabled Persons Day
  • Ear Muff Day * (1st Sat.)
  • First Human Heart Transplant 1967
  • Illinois Statehood 1818
  • Make a Gift Day
  • Roof Over Your Head Day
  • Galileo invented the Telescope 1621

Dec. 4

  • Cookie Day
  • Dice Day
  • Handwashing Awareness Week begins *
  • Monopoly Game Debut 1935
  • Phonograph invented 1877
  • Recipe Greetings for the Holidays Week begins * (1st Full Week)
  • Santa’s List Day
  • Wear Brown Shoes Day

Dec. 5

  • Bathtub Party Day
  • Bubble Gum Day
  • Walt Disney born 1901
  • Gold discovered at Sutter’s Mill 1848
  • International Ninja Day
  • Prohibition Ends (21st Amendment) 1933
  • President Martin Van Buren born 1782
  • Volunteer Day (UN)

Dec. 6

  • Everglades National Park established 1947
  • Give a Secret Gift Day
  • Microwave patented 1945
  • Miners Day
  • Mitten Tree Day
  • Pawnbrokers Day
  • Put On Your Own Shoes Day
  • St. Nicholas Day
  • 13th Amendment ratified 1865

Dec. 7

  • Civil Aviation Day
  • Cotton Candy Day
  • Delaware Statehood 1787
  • Letter Writing Day
  • Sculptor/Artist Marie Grosholtz Tussand born 1761
  • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 1941

Dec. 8

  • Brownie Day
  • First Greeting Card printed 1843
  • Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day
  • Take it in the Ear Day
  • US declared War on Japan 1941
  • USSR Dissolved 1991
  • Inventor/Scientist Eli Whitney born 1765
  • Winter Flowers Day

Dec. 9

  • A Charlie Brown Christmas Debut 1965
  • Christmas Card Day
  • International Anti-Corruption day
  • Pastry Day
  • Petrified Forest National Park established 1962
  • Roller Skates Patented 1884
  • Weary Willie Day (circus clown)

Dec. 10

  • Dewey Decimal System Day
  • Poet Emily Dickinson born 1830
  • Human Rights Day
  • Mississippi Statehood 1817
  • Nobel Prize Day
  • Wreaths Across America Day * (2nd Sat.)

Dec. 11

  • Apollo 17 Moon Landing 1972
  • Ding-a-Ling Day
  • Germany declared war on US 1941
  • Indiana Statehood 1816
  • International Mountain Day
  • Northern Lights Recorded for First Time 1719
  • Noodle Ring Day
  • UNICEF founded 1947
  • World Choral Day *(2nd Sun.)
  • Worldwide Candle Lighting Day * (2nd Sun.)

Dec. 12

  • Ding-a-Ling Day
  • Ginger Bread House Day
  • Golf Tee Patented 1899
  • Hot Cocoa Day
  • Hovercraft Patented 1955
  • Founding Father John Jay born 1745
  • Pennsylvania Statehood 1787
  • Poinsettia Day

Dec. 13

  • Gluten-free Baking Week begins * (week before Christmas week)
  • Day of the Horse
  • Ice Cream Day
  • Santa Lucia Day
  • Violin Day

Dec. 14

  • Alabama Statehood 1819
  • Bouillabaisse Day
  • Scientist Tycho Brahe born 1546
  • Children’s Day
  • Christmas Bird Count Week begins
  • Deck the Halls Day
  • Halcyon Days begin * (7 days before Solstice)
  • Monkey Day
  • Nostradamus born 1503
  • Raggedy Ann Doll Debut 1914
  • Roast Chestnuts Day
  • South Pole First Reached 1911

Dec. 15

  • Bill of Rights Day 1791
  • Cat Herders Day
  • Architect Alexandre Gustave Eiffel born 1832
  • Lemon Cupcake Day
  • Nero born 37AD
  • Re-Gifting Day * (3rd Thurs.)

Dec. 16

  • Author Jane Austen born 1775
  • Composer Ludwig Von Beethoven born 1770
  • Boston Tea Party 1773
  • Missionary Amy Carmichael born 1867
  • Chocolate-Covered Anything Day
  • Los Posadas
  • Underdog Day * (3rd Fri.)
  • Vending Machine patented 1884
  • Zionism Day

Dec. 17

  • Aztec Calendar Stone excavated 1790
  • A Christmas Carol first published 1843
  • Missionary Isobel Kuhn born 1901
  • Maple Syrup Day
  • Patriot Deborah Sampson born 1760
  • Saturnalia begins
  • Wright Brother’s 1st successful flight 1903

Dec. 18

  • Bake Cookies Day
  • Coral Reef National Park Established
  • Gluten Free Baking Week begins * (Week before Christmas Week)
  • Migrants Day
  • New Jersey Statehood 1787
  • The Nutcracker  Premier 1892
  • Roast a Suckling Pig Day

Dec. 19

  • Build a Snowman Day
  • Look For An Evergreen Day
  • Oatmeal Muffin Day
  • Explorer Sir William Parry born 1790
  • Poor Richards Almanac first published 1732
  • Suspenders patented 1871 (Mark Twain)

Dec. 20

  • Games Day
  • Go Caroling Day
  • Louisiana Purchase Day 1803
  • South Carolina seceded from the Union  1860 (1st state to secede)

Dec. 21

  • Apollo 8 Blast Off 1968
  • Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered 1937
  • First Day of Winter *
  • Flashlight Day
  • Forefathers Day
  • Homeless Persons’ Remembrance Day
  • Humbug Day
  • Litha
  • Look on the Bright Side Day
  • Pilgrims Arrival at Plymouth 1620
  • Winter Solstice *
  • Yule *

Dec. 22

  • Date Nut Bread Day
  • Dinofish discovered 1938
  • First Day of Winter *
  • First Electric Christmas Lights 1882
  • Haiku Poetry Day
  • Lincoln Tunnel completed 1937
  • Mawlid an Nabi *
  • Thermometer Invented 1714

Dec. 23

  • Federal Reserve System established 1913
  • Festivus
  • Pfeffernusse Day
  • Roots Day (genealogy not turnips)
  • Metric Conversion Act passed 1975
  • Mormon prophet Joseph Smith born 1805
  • A Visit From St. Nicholas First Released 1823

Dec. 24

  • Chocolate Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Egg Nog Day
  • Great Fire of San Francisco 1849
  • Hanukkah (Chanukah) *
  • Phonograph Patented 1877
  • Founding Father Benjamin Rush born 1704

Dec. 25

  • Red Cross founder Clara Barton born 1821
  • Christmas
  • Scientist Isaac Newton born 1643
  • Pumpkin Pie Day
  • Washington crossed the Delaware River 1776

Dec. 26

  • Boxing Day (Canada & UK)
  • Candy Cane Day
  • Coffee Percolator invented 1865
  • Kwanzaa begins
  • Thank You Note Day
  • Whiner’s Day

Dec. 27

  • Fruit Cake Day
  • Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day
  • Scientist Johannes Kepler born 1571
  • Scientist Louis Pasteur born 1822
  • Radio City Music Hall opened 1932

Dec. 28

  • Card Playing Day
  • Chewing Gum Patented 1869
  • Chocolate Day
  • Iowa Statehood 1846
  • Pledge of Allegiance recognized by Congress 1945
  • President Woodrow Wilson born 1856

Dec. 29

  • President Andrew Johnson born 1808
  • Pepper Pot Day
  • Battle of Wounded Knee 1890
  • Texas Statehood 1845
  • Tick Tock Day

Dec. 30

  • Bacon Day
  • Bicarbonate of Soda Day
  • Author Rudyard Kipling born 1865
  • Author Mercer Mayer born 1943
  • Take a Walk Day

Dec. 31

  • Leap Second Time Adjustment Day
  • Make Up Your Mind Day
  • Artist Henri Matisse born 1869
  • New Years Eve
  • No Interruptions Day
  • Universal Hour of Peace Day
  • Unlucky Day
  • Watch Night

I make my monthly special days calendars by using several sources including old calendars, holiday books, newspapers, and the web. If you know of a special day that I do not have listed, please comment and let me know what it is so I can add it in. Below are the links to my favorite online calendars.





Happy December!

betty jo

Fall Festival and Party Games


Tonight is our local homeschool group’s family night and the theme is “Fall Fest”!  Our families are encouraged to bring a DIY carnival type game.  Complicated construction or expensive materials are just not necessary for great games!  Recyclables and dollar store materials combined with a little creativity is all it takes for fantastic festival fun!

I found lots online resources as I looked around for some ideas, and I’m passing the best ones on to you for your fall parties or just some seasonal play activities for you to make with your children.

Wonderful collection of activities and games! Pumpkin Golf,  Can Game, Pumpkin Bowling, and Candy Corn Toss are just a few of the easy to make and easy to set up game ideas  offered here  http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/party-games/21-halloween-party-games-and-activities

We decided to take this Spider Launch game to the party.  There’s other awesome ideas from this assortment of  25+ Simple Carnival Games   http://frugalfun4boys.com/2015/10/07/carnival-games-kids/

Z’s working on a variation to this Marble Maze STEM activity.  It’s going be a fun challenge to make and play!  We’ll be substituting the marble with a gum ball and using orange and black loops and licorice track to  transform it into a “fall” theme  http://buggyandbuddy.com/paper-plate-marble-maze/

This Paper Plate Pumpkin memory game is super easy to make and set up.  You could attach it to a poster board to hang on the wall if floor space is an issue  Scroll down a little because there’s also a link that takes you to 10 more Simple Halloween Games  http://www.pleasantestthing.com/pumpkin-memory-game

Substitute fall colors and themes with these fun and easy to make DIY Carnival Games that are sure to entertain and challenge  little kids, teens, and grown ups  http://www.mamaslikeme.com/2013/02/diy-carnival-party-games.html

Adorable and fun Fall Carnival Games  to make if you have the time and materials  http://sophie-world.com/blog/six-fall-carnival-games

This Ring Toss Game using a pumpkin and glow sticks is the perfect solution for a last minute, super simple activity.  I’ve seen some interesting gourds at the grocery store that will work marvelously for this idea, too.  If time allows, carving or painting would add a little extra decoration, but certainly not required!

0bc48daeecd772a0fdf3c5898fe020f4Do you have a favorite DIY Fall Festival game?  Please share it!  It would be great to add your ideas to these!

betty jo