Special Days and Science

There are many opportunities for science lessons on each Special Days list!  Scientist and Inventor birthdays, invention and technology patents, animal days  health related observances and awarenesses, food themes,  conservation topics, weather related themes. discovery and disaster anniversaries, and even more!  (See right sidebar for the current month’s list or use the search bar to access other months.)

For an example of how many science themed lessons are possible from a typical Special Days list,  here’s what some of the August themed science study choices are.

  • Botony – Cactus, Daffodil,
  • Anatomy – Eyes
  • Chemistry – Gold, Nuclear Tests, Salt
  • Health – Immunization, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Fresh Breath, Sarcoidosis, Relaxation,
  • Geology with Labs – Water Quality, Sand, Wind, Mt. Vesuius (earthquakes),
  • Zoology – Catfish, Sea Serpent , Lion,  Lizard, Elephant, Honey Bee, Orangutan, Mosquito, Whale Shark
  • Nutrition, Growing information, and Facts – Coffee, Kiwifruit,Orange, Peach, Papaya, Potato, Zucchini
  • Astronomy with Labs- Solar Eclipse, Meteor Showers, Echo 1, Viking 1 &2, Gemini 5, Pluto
  • Scientist/Inventors/Inventions/Discoveries/Technology – Escalator, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, Neil Armstrong, Mimeograph Machine, Marvin Minsky, Florence Merriam Bailey, Phonograph, Wrench, Aviation, Canals, Roller Coaster, Radio, Lionel Cowen, Lee DeForest, Antoine Lavoisier, Carl Bosch, Charles Franklin Kettering,  Waffle Iron, Kinetoscope, 1st Solar Power Car, Slinky.

I absolutely do not expect to cover all of those science themes and days. I will have to narrow it down as I work on our weekly plans.  Some of our choices will not be a complete study but will be quick review discussion of past lessons. Others might be as simple as an online search of images or video or a definition while other science days will include more in-depth lessons and activities and could continue over several days.

Nearly all of our science lessons for the past 3 years have come from the ever growing Special Days lists. We check with our local library for books and videos. Also, a quick “Google” search will provide all kinds of ideas and resources for a DIY science study.  I highly recommend including the words ” for students”, “for kids”, or “lesson plans” to rule out search results that won’t be of much help to you.  Also, I will often include the word “free” in my search!

There are a few online resources that I tend to use over and over and I’ve listed those by topic below.

Scientists Biographies Resources:

Inventions Resources:

Resources for Animal Days (Zoology):

Resources for health related themes:

Chemistry –




  • Sky Guides                                                                                      https://www.almanac.com/astronomy
  • Text, Videos, Games                                                                               https://www.kidsastronomy.com/
  • NASA Space Place                                                                                               https://spaceplace.nasa.gov/

This post is actually ‘Part 4’ of a series in which I’m explaining how my family learns across the curriculum with topics selected from the Special Days list. For the series introduction click here. For Part 1,  how we use famous birthdays for biographies with resources, click here. And, Part 3 – geography with resources click here.   Part 4 – electives and extras will be coming soon!

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