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Special Days in August, 2017

The 2017 August calendar has loads of special days!  The following list is made up of August’s holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , famous birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries, and more.  So, if you want an occasion to celebrate, pick up some trivia, or add foods to your menu, this is the right place for you. And, of course you’ll find multiple opportunities for “on the calendar” themed studies for your family, classroom, homeschool,  co-op/support group, or club.

You will find an easy to print PDF of the list at the bottom of this post.


August Special Days Activity Companion – Resource Page

Below is the beginning of a collection of links for additional resources that can be used with the August Special Days Activity Companion.  The activities will also be coming soon to Funschooling.

HUGE list of Special Days in August 

  • Spiderman Day

Funschooling: SpidermanBiographical information about the Amazing Spiderman, plus coloring pages, puzzles and videos. Links and videos offered.

  • Engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant born 1754

Smithsonian.com: A Brief History of Pierre L’Enfant and Washington, D.C.

  • Watermelon Day


Watermelon DayWatermelon resources include: Research questions, information about watermelons and Watermelon Day, recipes, health information, activity suggestions, and crafts.

  • Musician Louis Armstrong

Still Learning Something New:  Louis Armstrong  –  Learn about and listen to the music of Louis Armstrong

  • Astronaut Neil Armstrong

Funschooling: Neil ArmstrongLearn about Neil Armstrong via links, videos and fun activities. &

Phases of the MoonMoon Resources Include: Moon cycles, names, tides, videos and more.

Still Learning Something New: Considering The MoonLinks to moon related resources.

  • Fresh Breath Day

Oh Lardy: Homemade Peppermint Spray

Thank Your Body: DIY Breath Mints

Everyday Roots: Homemade Cinnamon Mouthwash for Bad Breath

  • Lighthouse Day

Funschooling: Lighthouses

  • Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night

FoodFacts: Zucchini – What Is Zucchini Good For?

Funschooling: Three Sisters – Squash/Pumpkin

  • Book Lover’s Day

Funschooling: Read online or listen to classic literature.

  • Snoopy’s Birthday

Still Learning Something New: Peanuts

  • Play in the Sand Day

Funschooling: Play In The Sand – Fun activities you can do with sand. Links and videos.

  • World Elephant Day

Still Learning Something New: Elephants – Links to information about African and Asian elephants, myths and folklore, jokes and more.

  • Annie Oakley

Funschooling: Annie Oakley – Learn about the life and accomplishments of Annie Oakley. Links and videos.

Still Learning Something New: Annie Oakley – Links to biographical information, quotes, videos and more.

  • Wiffle Ball

Wikipedia: Wiffle BallInformation about the history of the game.

  • Chocolate Chip Day

Funschooling: ChocolateLearn about the history of chocolate, recipe for an old fashioned chocolate egg cream, chocolate puzzles and links to other chocolate related resources, including chocolate chips.

  • Tell A Joke Day

Reader’s Digest: Jokes 1000’s of clean, funny jokes, one-liners and riddles.

  • Black Cat Appreciation Day

Funschooling : Black CatsFind why black cats are considered good luck to some and bad luck to others and do a balancing activity.

  • Virginia Dare

Still Learning Something New: Roanoke Colony

  • Root Beer Float Day

Funschooling: Root Beer Float

  • Radio Day

History.com: Guglielmo Marconi – Biographical information about the man who broadcast the first transatlantic radio signal. Article format.

  • Hawaii Statehood

Funschooling: Hawaii: Information about Hawaii. Links and videos about the history, culture and attractions. &

Ukulele: Links to the most popular songs, tuner, and info. Videos include: The history of the ukulele, how to make one, and play one.

  • Eat A Peach Day

MedicalNewsToday: Peaches: Health Benefits, Facts, ResearchArticle about the benefits of peaches.

  • Ride the Wind Day

Funschooling: Play With The WindActivities you can do with wind power and information about National Ride The Wind Day.

  • Pluto Demoted

NASA: What is Pluto?Article explains what Pluto is, what it’s like, and how it is being explored today.

  • Joshua Lionel Cowen

Funschooling: Joshua Lionel CowenLearn about the American inventor who co-founded Lionel Corp and the Lionel Train.

Still Learning Something New: Lionel TrainsBiographical information about Cowen, links to train related activities, and videos about Lionel’s Train Factory.

  • Mother Teresa

Still Learning Something New: Mother TeresaKid friendly biographical information, timeline info, quotes and more.

  • Dream Day

Still Learning Something New: Teaching Resources for Martin Luther King DayResources include: Background information about the holiday, a quiz, historic site info, civil rights timeline, and more.

  • According to Hoyle Day

Wikipedia: Edmond Hoyle Short biography about the man who wrote the rules down for many of the well known card games we play today.

  • Frankenstein Day

Funschooling: Mary Shelley’s FrankensteinBiographical information about Mary Shelley, and links to her literary works, including her most well known novel, Frankenstein.

  • Kinetoscope

Funschooling: KinetoscopeKinetoscope resources include, links to informative sites and videos.






Special Days in August, 2016


Special Days in August has been updated for 2017  –  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2017/07/26/special-days-in-august-2017/

The 2016 August calendar has loads of special days!  The following list is made up of August’s holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , famous birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries, and more.  So, if you want an occasion to celebrate, pick up some trivia, or add foods to your menu, this is the right place for you. And, of course you’ll find multiple opportunities for “on the calendar” themed studies for your homeschool, classroom, or  co-op/support group.

Special Days in August, 2015



Special Days in August has been updated for 2017  –  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2017/07/26/special-days-in-august-2017/

The August 2015 calendar is filled with holidays, observances, food themes, awareness days , historic figures and authors birthdays, science and historic based anniversaries, and more!   If you are wanting special themed studies, occasions to celebrate, trivia, or something to try on your menu, you can find it here!

August Awareness and Observance Themes

  • Admit You’re Happy
  • Adventures
  • American Indian Heritage
  • Artist Appreciation
  • Back To School
  • Cactus
  • Children’s Eye Health and Safety
  • Family Fun
  • Get Ready for Kindergarten
  • Golf
  • Happiness Happens
  • Hug
  • Immunization Awareness
  • Inventors
  • Motorsports
  • National Parks
  • Science, Medicine, and Technology
  • Water Quality
  • What Will Be Your Legacy
  • Win with Civility

August Food Themes

  • Catfish
  • Celery
  • Coffee
  • Family Meals
  • Fennel
  • Kiwifruit
  • Orange
  • Panini
  • Papaya
  • Peach
  • Picnic
  • Sandwich

August 2014 Daily Specials  (the * means that the special day does not fall on the same date each year)

Aug. 1

  • Clown Week begins
  • Colorado Statehood 1876
  • GI Joe action figure introduced 1964
  • Girlfriend’s Day
  • Francis Scott Key born 1779
  • Ann Frank made her last diary entry 1944
  • Author Herman Melville born 1819
  • Mustard Day *(1st Sat.)
  • Raspberry Cream Pie Day
  • Respect For Parents Day
  • Rounds Resounding Day
  • Scrabble Week begins
  • Simplify Your Life Week begins
  • Spiderman Day
  • US Air Force Day

Aug. 2

  • Declaration of Independence signed 1776
  • Assistance Dog Week begins *
  • Escalator Patented 1892
  • Exercise With Your Child Week begins *
  • Family Day * (1st Sun.)
  • Farmer’s Market Week begins *
  • Forgiveness Day * (1st Sun.)
  • Fraud Awareness Week begins *
  • Friendship Day *(1st Sun.)
  • Author Holling C. Holling born 1900
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • Kids Day *(1st Sun.)
  • Engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant born 1754
  • Psychic Week begins * (1st full week)
  • Sisters’ Day *(1st Sun.)
  • Stop on Red Week begins *

Aug. 3

  • Columbus Set Sail 1492
  • Old Fiddler’s Week *
  • Panama Canal opened 1914
  • Psychic Week *
  • Watermelon Day

Aug. 4

  • Musician Louis Armstrong born 1901
  • Mathematician Sir William Rowan Hamilton born 1805
  • Night Out *(1st Tues.)
  • President Barack Obama born 1961
  • Rock for Life Week begins *
  • US Coast Guard Day
  • US Dept. of Energy created 1977

Aug. 5

  • Astronaut Neil Armstrong born 1930
  • Little Orphan Annie comic strip first appeared 1924
  • Work Like A Dog Day

Aug. 6

  • Actress/Comedian Lucille Ball born 1911
  • Scientist Alexander Fleming born 1881
  • Fresh Breath Day
  • Hiroshima Day
  • Hobo Week begins *
  • Root Beer Float Day
  • Sandwich invented 1762
  • Poet Alfred Lord Tennyson born 1808
  • Wiggle Your Toes Day

Aug. 7

  • Braham Pie Day * (1st Fri.)
  • Kool-Aid Days * (2nd weekend)
  • Spy Marta Hari born 1876
  • Lighthouse Day
  • Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day
  • Professional Speakers Day
  • Purple Heart Day
  • Sea Serpent Day

Aug. 8

  • Ornithologist Florence Merriam Bailey born 1863
  • The Date to Create
  • Frozen Custard Day
  • Garage Sale Day * (2nd Sat.)
  • Happiness Happens Day
  • Mimeograph Machine patented 1876
  • Odie Day (Garfield’s dog)
  • Resurrect Romance Week *(2nd full week)
  • Smile Week begins * (2nd week)
  • Smokey the Bear Ad Campaign begins 1944
  • Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night

Aug. 9

  • Book Lover’s Day
  • Electric Washing Machine patented 1910
  • Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week * (2nd week)
  • Indigenous People Day
  • Scientist/Inventor Marvin Minsky born 1927
  • Resurrect Romance Week begins * (2nd week)
  • Umpire Appreciation Day *(2nd Sun.)
  • Veep Day

Aug. 10

  • Duran Duran Appreciation Day
  • Elvis Week begins *
  • President Herbert Hoover born 1874
  • Lazy Day
  • Missouri Statehood 1821
  • Mount Rushmore Construction began 1927
  • President Richard Nixon resigned 1974
  • Smithsonian Day  (Institution established 1846)
  • S’mores Day
  • Weird Contest Week begins *(2nd Mon.)
  • World Lion Day

Aug. 11

  • Daughters’ and Sons’ Day
  • Play In The Sand Day
  • Presidential Joke Day

Aug. 12

  • Middle Child Day
  • 1st PC introduced 1981
  • Phonograph invented 1877
  • Vinyl Record Day
  • World Elephant Day
  • Youth Day

Aug. 13

  • Bambi first premiered 1934
  • Author/Film Director Alfred Hitchcock born 1899
  • Lefthander’s Day
  • Annie Oakley born 1860

Aug. 14

  • Creamsicle Day
  • Navajo Code Talkers Day
  • V-J Day 1945
  • Wiffleball invented 1953
  • Wizard of Oz premiered 1939
  • Woodstock Music Festival 1969
  • World Lizard Day

Aug. 15

  • Napoleon Bonaparte born 1769
  • Chauvin Day
  • Chef Julia Child born 1912
  • Chocolate Chip Day
  • Friendship Week begins * (3rd week)
  • Geocaching Day *(3rd Sat.)
  • Homeless Animals Day *(3rd Sat.)
  • Panama Canal opened 1914
  • Relaxation Day
  • World Honey Bee Day * (3rd Sat.)

Aug. 16

  • Airborne Day
  • Aviation Week begins * (week with the 19th)
  • Gold discovered in the Yukon 1896
  • Roller Coaster Patented 1898
  • Tell a Joke Day

Aug. 17

  • Berlin Wall Construction begins  1961
  • Black Cat Appreciation Day
  • Missionary William Carey born 1761
  • Davy Crockett born 1786
  • Cupcake Day * (3rd Mon.)
  • Meaning of “Is” Day
  • Thrift Shop Day
  • Wrench patented 1835

Aug. 18

  • Bad Poetry Day
  • Virginia Dare born 1587
  • Explorer Meriwether Lewis born 1744
  • Mail Order Catalog Day

Aug. 19

  • Aviation Day
  • “Black Cow” Root Beer Float Day
  • President Bill Clinton born 1946
  • Hot and Spicy Food Day
  • Potato Day
  • Inventor Orville Wright Born 1867
  • World Humanitarian Day

Aug. 20

  • Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Festival *
  • Civil War ends 1866 (US)
  • President Benjamin Harrison born 1833
  • Radio Day
  • Viking 1 launched 1975
  • Voyager 2 launched 1977

Aug. 21

  • Gemini 5 launched 1965
  • Hawaii Statehood 1959
  • Hug Your Boss Day * (3rd Fri.)
  • Mona Lisa Stolen 1911
  • Poet’s Day
  • Senior Citizen’s Day

Aug. 22

  • Be an Angel Day
  • Eat a Peach Day
  • Honey Bee Day
  • Hoodie Hoo Day (Southern Hemisphere)
  • Tooth Fairy Day

Aug. 23

  • Day For The Remembrance of The Slave Trade & Its Abolition
  • Return To Work Week *(4th week)
  • Ride the Wind Day
  • Valentino Day

Aug. 24

  • US Capital Building and White House burned 1814
  • Mt. Vesuvius Erupted 79AD
  • Pluto Demoted 2006
  • Strange Music Day
  • Waffle Iron Patented 1869 / Waffle Day

Aug. 25

  • Banana Split Day
  • Be Kind to Humankind Week begins
  • Inventor Lionel Cowen born 1880
  • Ivan the Terrible born 1530
  • Kiss and Make Up Day
  • Neighborhood Day *(last Sat.)
  • Second-hand Wardrobe Day

Aug. 26

  • Inventor Lee DeForest born 1873
  • Dog Day
  • Chemist Antoine Lavoisier born 1743
  • Mother Teresa born 1910
  • Women’s Equality Day

Aug. 27

  • Chemist/Engineer Carl Bosch born 1909
  • Global Forgiveness Day
  • President Lyndon B. Johnson born 1908
  • Just Because Day
  • Safe at Home Week begins *(last Mon.- Fri.)
  • 1st Tarzan story published 1912

Aug. 28

  • Bat Weekend begins * (last full weekend)
  • Bow Tie Day
  • Cherry Turnover Day
  • Crackers Over the Keyboard Day
  • Daffodil Day *(4th Fri.)
  • Dream Day (Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech 1963)
  • Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day
  • Radio Commercials Day
  • Author Leo Tolstoy born 1828

Aug. 29

  • According to Hoyle Day
  • Day Against Nuclear Tests
  • Engineer Charles Franklin Kettering born 1876
  • More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Aug. 30

  • Author/Illustrator Donald Crews born 1938
  • Frankenstein Day  (Author Mary Shelly born 1797)
  • Holistic Pet Day
  • Slinky Day
  • Toasted Marshmallow Day

Aug. 31

  • Kinetoscope patented 1887
  • Love Lawyers Day
  • Pony Express Day
  • 1st Solar Power Car demonstrated 1955
  • Trail Mix Day

I make my monthly special days calendars by using several sources including old calendars,  holiday books, newspapers, and the web. If you know of a special day that I do not have listed, please comment and let me know what it is so I can add it in.   Below are the links to my favorite online calendar resources for August.






Happy August!

betty jo