August Special Days Activity Companion – Resource Page

Below is the beginning of a collection of links for additional resources that can be used with the August Special Days Activity Companion.  The activities will also be coming soon to Funschooling.

HUGE list of Special Days in August 

  • Spiderman Day

Funschooling: SpidermanBiographical information about the Amazing Spiderman, plus coloring pages, puzzles and videos. Links and videos offered.

  • Engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant born 1754 A Brief History of Pierre L’Enfant and Washington, D.C.

  • Watermelon Day


Watermelon DayWatermelon resources include: Research questions, information about watermelons and Watermelon Day, recipes, health information, activity suggestions, and crafts.

  • Musician Louis Armstrong

Still Learning Something New:  Louis Armstrong  –  Learn about and listen to the music of Louis Armstrong

  • Astronaut Neil Armstrong

Funschooling: Neil ArmstrongLearn about Neil Armstrong via links, videos and fun activities. &

Phases of the MoonMoon Resources Include: Moon cycles, names, tides, videos and more.

Still Learning Something New: Considering The MoonLinks to moon related resources.

  • Fresh Breath Day

Oh Lardy: Homemade Peppermint Spray

Thank Your Body: DIY Breath Mints

Everyday Roots: Homemade Cinnamon Mouthwash for Bad Breath

  • Lighthouse Day

Funschooling: Lighthouses

  • Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night

FoodFacts: Zucchini – What Is Zucchini Good For?

Funschooling: Three Sisters – Squash/Pumpkin

  • Book Lover’s Day

Funschooling: Read online or listen to classic literature.

  • Snoopy’s Birthday

Still Learning Something New: Peanuts

  • Play in the Sand Day

Funschooling: Play In The Sand – Fun activities you can do with sand. Links and videos.

  • World Elephant Day

Still Learning Something New: Elephants – Links to information about African and Asian elephants, myths and folklore, jokes and more.

  • Annie Oakley

Funschooling: Annie Oakley – Learn about the life and accomplishments of Annie Oakley. Links and videos.

Still Learning Something New: Annie Oakley – Links to biographical information, quotes, videos and more.

  • Wiffle Ball

Wikipedia: Wiffle BallInformation about the history of the game.

  • Chocolate Chip Day

Funschooling: ChocolateLearn about the history of chocolate, recipe for an old fashioned chocolate egg cream, chocolate puzzles and links to other chocolate related resources, including chocolate chips.

  • Tell A Joke Day

Reader’s Digest: Jokes 1000’s of clean, funny jokes, one-liners and riddles.

  • Black Cat Appreciation Day

Funschooling : Black CatsFind why black cats are considered good luck to some and bad luck to others and do a balancing activity.

  • Virginia Dare

Still Learning Something New: Roanoke Colony

  • Root Beer Float Day

Funschooling: Root Beer Float

  • Radio Day Guglielmo Marconi – Biographical information about the man who broadcast the first transatlantic radio signal. Article format.

  • Hawaii Statehood

Funschooling: Hawaii: Information about Hawaii. Links and videos about the history, culture and attractions. &

Ukulele: Links to the most popular songs, tuner, and info. Videos include: The history of the ukulele, how to make one, and play one.

  • Eat A Peach Day

MedicalNewsToday: Peaches: Health Benefits, Facts, ResearchArticle about the benefits of peaches.

  • Ride the Wind Day

Funschooling: Play With The WindActivities you can do with wind power and information about National Ride The Wind Day.

  • Pluto Demoted

NASA: What is Pluto?Article explains what Pluto is, what it’s like, and how it is being explored today.

  • Joshua Lionel Cowen

Funschooling: Joshua Lionel CowenLearn about the American inventor who co-founded Lionel Corp and the Lionel Train.

Still Learning Something New: Lionel TrainsBiographical information about Cowen, links to train related activities, and videos about Lionel’s Train Factory.

  • Mother Teresa

Still Learning Something New: Mother TeresaKid friendly biographical information, timeline info, quotes and more.

  • Dream Day

Still Learning Something New: Teaching Resources for Martin Luther King DayResources include: Background information about the holiday, a quiz, historic site info, civil rights timeline, and more.

  • According to Hoyle Day

Wikipedia: Edmond Hoyle Short biography about the man who wrote the rules down for many of the well known card games we play today.

  • Frankenstein Day

Funschooling: Mary Shelley’s FrankensteinBiographical information about Mary Shelley, and links to her literary works, including her most well known novel, Frankenstein.

  • Kinetoscope

Funschooling: KinetoscopeKinetoscope resources include, links to informative sites and videos.







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