Annie Oakley


According to the Special Days in August list, Annie Oakley was born Aug. 13, 1860.  A few years ago we learned about her and added her to our timeline. As it turned out, our E (homeschool graduate) and a family friend happened to be around the house and decided to join us for our lessons.  You know it’s a great study when the kids who are not required to have “school” join in for the learning!  Below are the online resources we used as we learned, were entertained, and inspired by this bold and fabulous lady!

Bio and printables –

Memorable Quotes –

1st episode of TV show –

Animated history video – Adventurers – Masters of Time – The Wildest West

And, if you need a target for shooting practice (bb guns, sling shots, archery, and water guns with dyed water for us)

Online Wild West interactive game for kids

betty jo


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