Thanksgiving Unit Study Ideas and Resources


This week we began our Thanksgiving unit studies with a couple of Pre-Thanksgiving activities.  Below are some of the links we followed as we both reviewed and learned about the early American Settlements of Roanoke and Jamestown.

3 Articles about the history and mystery of the Roanoke Colony

Lesson guide for teachers from the National Parks Service

Online interactive adventure


This history game for the younger kids


Interactive webquest adventure


Jamestown reading comprehension and printable quiz


The Natives and The English video from Crash Course

In addition to the early settlement studies, we began this thankfulness Bible study with printable cards and daily question/activity suggestions

For the school days from now until Thanksgiving we we will be notebooking, crafting, cooking, reviewing, and researching  who, what, when, where, and why – everything associated with the Plymouth Colony.  We will keep journaling pages and bulletin boards of what we discover.

Below are the links we’ll be using for resources as we travel back in time to visit early America over the next few weeks.

Social Studies Connections:

Thanksgiving History Timeline 1541-2001

Interactive history detective activity of the first Thanksgiving

Virtual field trip to the first Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving myths debunked–Debunked/

Interactive trivia quiz

And this just because it’s hip and funny

This site is my favorite of all the resources I’ve found.  We will use this site daily.

Language Arts Connections:

Talk like a pilgrim

Grammar lessons with Thanksgiving themed mad libs

Thanksgiving themed notebooking, activity, and poetry copywork printable pages

Instructions and printables for writing  “Sensory” poetry

Notebooking and journaling printable writing paper

Beautiful copywork and notebooking pages while you are on this page be sure to scroll down.   A little past half way is a link that takes you to a free Squanto study and lapbook printables. Then down on the right sidebar is a link for a free download story,  Squanto’s Garden

Jokes, poems, songs, and more (scroll down and look at the left sidebar)

Stories, jokes, poems and coloring pages

Math Connections:

Thanksgiving census

Thanksgiving themed math worksheets

We will also be including cooking and calorie counting as part of our maths.

Extracurricular Connections:

Ideas and instructions for Thanksgiving themed arts and crafts

Cooking videos

For those play outside days

Games that pilgrim children may have played

So cute and accurate!  Pilgrim and Native paperdoll printables

For music we will be applying our theory lessons to Thanksgiving hymns

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade interactive games

On nice days we’ll be getting outside for some nature observations, football (not soccer), and archery practice and just maybe some fishing.

Science Connections

Our science is research based (meaning the kids will have to come up with their own resources for information) and will include the following topics:

Human anatomy – digestive system

Why does Thanksgiving dinner make us sleepy?

Native American agriculture and nutrition of  “The Three Sisters”  (beans, squash, corn)

Natural Resources, plants, and wildlife surrounding the Plymouth Colony

Multiple Subject Printable Resources:

Thanksgiving themed free downloads and printables for all levels and subjects for homeschools (you will need an account, but that is free and easy to set up)

Good deals along with a several freebies are being offered here.  I also went ahead and picked up a few things to use for our December studies.

I’m  thankful for many blessings including the homeschooling resources that I find.  It’s a tremendous help and I so appreciate the hard work and the willingness to share of those who have free sites and offer free games and printables.  I hope this season finds you also with much to be thankful for.

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