Great Educational Finds of the Week

Clip Art Graphic of a Desktop Computer Cartoon Character

This week we have been studying about life in the Plymouth Colony.  We have gained much understanding of the pilgrims and the hardships they encountered.  You can access the links we’ve been using and will continue learning with here

It never fails! I get a study ready to go and I see a new link.  So, I added this short but serious “Mayflower Compact” worksheet to our Thanksgiving lessons.

We were needing a hands-on activity or two to add some fun to our Thanksgiving studies.  Also, I was in need of a Thanksgiving themed “something” for our Wednesday night church group and our homeschool groups November family night.  I asked my friend, Fran, if she had any Thanksgiving games.  And this is the wonderful way she answered

I also found this Iroquois plate game craft

Of course cooking is on the lesson plans for the next two weeks.  This site has several kid friendly Thanksgiving recipes with a little bit of history thrown in

Lots of fantastic articles from the Native Speakers Academy’s weekly newsletter.  I especially liked  “Baby’s Scent Works Like Drugs on Mother’s Brains”

This is an awesome family project for after Thanksgiving and most of these ideas will even work with our budget!

This site has been around for a while, but was new to me.  They have resources for most any holiday studies as well as everyday studies

Of course, November has special days other than Thanksgiving .  For the listing of special days in November see here

I hope you’ll be able to use these resources to add to your homeschooling studies.

betty jo


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