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For the Birds! Ornithology Resource List


Adding ornithology to our homeschooling science started years ago when my daughter set up a “Bird Mart” outside out biggest window.  She offered different foods and nesting supplies.  She checked out a bird field guide from the library.  She made graphs and charts. Everyone in the family got interested in her project.  Looking out that window at the variety of birds was better than looking at the tv!  She took her project to that year’s science fair and brought home a blue ribbon.

Here’s a collection of free resources for your family’s bird studies and budding ornithologists. I’ve also added some resources for bird related language arts and electives, too.

Bird Watching Activities and Resources                                                                            https://franw.com/2014/03/27/bird-watching-activities/

Bird Lesson Plans and Activities by the Month                               https://www.birds.cornell.edu/k12/feathered-friends/

More Bird Lesson Plans                                                                      https://www.birds.cornell.edu/k12/get-started/

Migratory Birds Math and Science Lessons                                     https://hubbardbrook.org/lessons_birds

Hummingbird Math Activities                                       http://www.rubythroat.org/ActivitiesMathMain.html

A-Z List of Bird Sounds                                                                                                                https://www.bird-sounds.net/alphabetical/

Identification Guide                   https://www.birdwatchersdigest.com/bwdsite/learn/identification.php

Nest Cams                                                                                                     https://www.allaboutbirds.org/cams/

Bible Verses about Birds                                                                  https://www.openbible.info/topics/birds

Bird Facts                                                                                                       https://www.factretriever.com/bird-facts

A- Z Birds Taxon Information                                                                        https://animaldiversity.org/search/?q=birds&feature=INFORMATION

Track Migrations                                                                                                             https://journeynorth.org/

Outdoor Biology Activities                                                                                http://www.outdoorbiology.com/

Pet Birds Guide                                                                                                      https://www.allpetbirds.com/

Backyard Birds Note Pack and Lapbook Printables https://www.homeschoolshare.com/backyard_birds_lap_n_note.php

Birds of Prey Lapbook Printables                             https://www.homeschoolshare.com/birds_of_prey.php

Great Backyard Bird Count                                                       https://www.audubon.org/conservation/about-great-backyard-bird-count

Bird Feeder Crafts                                                                                                  https://happyhooligans.ca/32-homemade-bird-feeders/

Materials to Help Birds Build Their Nests                                               https://www.thespruce.com/attract-birds-with-nesting-material-386423

Stories of Birds (copyright 1903)                                                https://www.gutenberg.org/files/20547/20547-h/20547-h.htm

Birds Vocabulary                                                                                             https://myvocabulary.com/word-list/birds-vocabulary/

Bird Idioms                                                                                                       https://www.thespruce.com/bird-idioms-explained-386739

Bird Jokes and Riddles (kid friendly) https://www.enchantedlearning.com/jokes/animals/bird.shtml

Birds in the News                                                                                  https://www.audubon.org/news/birds-news?page=1

Top 40 Songs About Birds                                                                                   http://www.top2040.com/2014/07/top-40-songs-about-birds.html

John James Audubon’s Birds of America Digital Library                               https://www.audubon.org/birds-of-america

Realistic Bird Coloring Pages                                                                                     https://www.birdwatching-bliss.com/bird-coloring-pages.html

How to Draw Birds – Step by Step Instruction                                                   http://www.yedraw.com/how-to-draw-birds.html#.Xj-BE2hKiM8

And Another How to Draw Birds – Step-by-Step Instruction  https://easydrawingguides.com/search/birds

Chalk Pastel Video Tutorial – Hummingbird                                https://www.hodgepodge.me/hummingbird-video-chalk-art-tutorial/

Chalk Pastel Video Tutorial – Cardinals in Snow                              https://www.hodgepodge.me/cardinals-snow-chalk-art-tutorial/

Bird Origami                                                                                                                            https://en.origami-club.com/animal/bird/index.html




Valentine’s Day Resource List

Here’s a list of free cross-curriculum Valentine’s Day resources!

Language Arts:

Heart Bordered Notebooking Printables   https://www.teacherfiles.com/resources_bp_holidays.htm

Writing Activities and Prompts                                                                                        https://writeshop.com/?s=valentine

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary List, Interactive Word Games, Printables            https://myvocabulary.com/word-game-puzzles/valentine-s-day-vocabulary/

How to Say “I Love You” in 20 Languages            https://reference.yourdictionary.com/reference/other-languages/how-to-say-i-love-you-in-many-languages.html

Valentine “Would You Rather” Questions            https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Valentines-Day-Would-You-Rather-Questions-FREE-1104231

Social Studies

Valentine’s Day History (articles, video, photo gallery)   https://www.history.com/topics/valentines-day/history-of-valentines-day-2

Valentine’s Day History, Legends, Traditions                                      http://www.stvalentinesday.org/about-valentines-day.html

Cupid Mythology                                                                                      https://mythology.net/roman/roman-gods/cupid/

Valentine’s Day Traditions Around the World                             https://traveltriangle.com/blog/valentines-day-traditions-around-the-world/

Math and Science:

11 Valentine Math Lessons                                                  https://www.yummymath.com/2019/valentines-day-11-possibilities/

Human Heart Free Resource List                     https://homeschoolgiveaways.com/2016/02/learning-about-the-human-heart-with-free-printables-and-activities/

Valentine’s Day Chemistry – Cards, Chocolate, Flowers and more              https://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/students/highschool/chemistryclubs/activities/valentines-activities.html


Heart Origami and Craft Activities                                                                            https://franw.com/2017/02/02/heart-activities/

Draw Animals Using  Heart Shapes              https://www.artistshelpingchildren.org/kidscraftsactivitiesblog/2010/01/drawing-and-making-cute-animals-out-of-hearts-for-valentines-day/

Bible Verses About “Love”                                                                                        https://dailyverses.net/love

Valentine’s Day Recipes for Kids to Make (not just sweets!)   https://www.parenting.com/gallery/easy-valentines-day-recipes-kids?page=0

Romantic Classical Music Playlist

With love,

betty jo


“Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?” asks Indiana Jones, and this homeschooling mama is asking that too!  I know some people who have pet snakes and enjoy them and others who have extreme fear of them. Growing up in Kentucky, I’ve even heard rumors of snake handling in churches! Personally, I’m in more of a basic “just avoid them” category.  Honestly, I’d rather avoid a snake study but  “July 16 – World Snake Day” was marked on our list of  Special Days in July  , which means it’s an interest study request. I don’t want to say no to an interest study, and it’s been a while since we did an animal research project, so …

Here’s my collection of cross curriculum snake themed resources to share with you for when you find yourself facing a snake study.

Snake Facts Slide Show

Image Gallery: Snakes of the World

Labeled Anatomy Diagrams:

Live Science Article – Why We Fear Snakes

Importance of Snakes in the Ecosystem

Snake Bite First Aid

Pet Snake Care

Bible Verses about Snakes

Snakes in Religion  search results

Read Kipling’s Rikki-Tikki-Tavi

Snake Mythology

Snake Vocabulary Word List

Word Snake Game

Snake Jokes and Riddles

Printable Worksheets and Activities

Snake Unit Study and Lapbook Printables

Snakes Notebooking Printable Pages

Songs About “Snakes”  (Heads up! Not all will be appropriate for families)

Snakes in Art – Statues, paintings, pottery, drawings, and more, from ancient to modern day, and from all over the world. (Again, Heads up! Not all will be appropriate for families, but you can easily choose which pieces suit your study.)

Step by Step How to Draw a Snake

25 Exceptional Snake Crafts

Printable Snakes and Ladders Game  – “When you download the game, you will get a printable board and a set of question cards. With every move the player has to answer a question in order to stay on their new position. This game comes with the questions of the World of Knowledge game. But you can create your own set of questions. But you can also play it without any questions, just roll the dice and have fun!”

I couldn’t find a “snake” math resource so I’m thinking I can use some printable math task cards for the above Snakes and Ladders game.

There’s hundreds of thousands of snake related videos on Youtube and I’m sure we’ll watch a few of them.   Since we’re fans of “Good Mythical Morning” I have this one saved for ‘fun?‘ and a crazy PE idea (not real snakes but maybe a rubber one or two).

I’ve already been to my local library’s website and put some snake books on the hold shelf. We don’t have a zoo in our area, but we do have nature centers and pet stores, so I think a field trip can be easily planned to wrap up our snake study.

betty jo








South Korea and the 2018 Winter Olympics



The 2018 Winter Olympic Games  have begun!  And, Winter Olympics based homeschooling has begun, too!  The links below are the cross curricular free resources we’ll be using as we explore South Korea and the 2018 Winter Games.

Brief History, Geography, and Facts of South Korea               https://www.ducksters.com/geography/country.php?country=Korea,%20South


Printable South Korea Maps –                                                                                  http://www.freeworldmaps.net/asia/southkorea/

Country Notebooking Printables –                                             http://www.notebookingnook.com/freebie-country-study-notebooking-pages/

South Korea Video Tour –                                                                            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xq5_J9nArE8

Learn Korean Phrases                                                          https://www.fluentu.com/blog/korean/korean-travel-phrases/

Korean Food and Recipes                                                                          http://www.easykoreanfood.com/

Olympic Games Official Website – Sports, Athletes, Photos, News, Schedule, History, and More   https://www.olympic.org/

Olympics Themed Math –                                                                                              https://www.yummymath.com/2018/winter-olympics-pyeongchang-february-9-25/

Bible Verse/Winter Olympic Coloring Pages  –  https://www.childrens-ministry-deals.com/collections/winter-olympics-sunday-school-childrens-church

Bible/Winter Olympic Discussion Questions                                              https://whatsinthebible.com/the-sochi-winter-olympics-2014-five-questions-to-engage-your-kids/

2018 Educational Kit from the Olympic Museum –https://www.olympic.org/museum/visit/schools/teaching-resources/lesson-material/experiencing-discovering-the-og-special-pc2018#

Non- Commercial Use Free Clipart (enter “olympics” into the search bar)                          http://clipart-library.com/

Music of the Olympics                                               https://learn.musicinourhomeschool.com/courses/15-minute-music-lessons/lectures/1074732#/questions/1

Olympic Themed Interactive Games   http://www.primarygames.com/socstudies/olympics/olympics.htm

How to Draw Soohorang (the tiger mascot) video lesson              https://www.artforkidshub.com/how-to-draw-soohorang-pyeongchang-winter-olympics-mascot/

Writing Prompts                                                               https://theeducatorsspinonit.com/2014/02/winter-olympic-writing-prompts-after.html


Olympics Printable Worksheets – Wordsearch, Crossword, Anagrams, True/False Quizzes               https://www.historyonthenet.com/worksheets/olympics-worksheets/

Science of the Winter Olympics Video Playlist                                    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB6B38A6C0540EEB6

How It’s Made Videos :                                                                                                                                  Skating Rinks

Ice Skates

Hockey Pucks

Curling Stones



Gold (Au79), Silver (Ag47), and Bronze (Copper-Cu29)  Information from this Interactive Element Chart                                                             http://humantouchofchemistry.com/pages/periodictable.html

Gold, Silver, Bronze Element Videos                                                                http://www.periodicvideos.com/

Winter Olympics Inspired Crafts, Games, and Activities                                https://tipjunkie.com/winter-olympic-activities-and-crafts-for-kids/

I hope we ‘Win the Gold’ with Winter Olympic learning!

betty jo


New Year’s Resources


Here’s my resource collection for learning and fun with a New Year’s theme updated and edited for 2020!

New Year’s  Goals and Year in Review Printables                  https://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/new-years-resolutions-2018/

New Year’s Interview Printable                                                                                                           https://layers-of-learning.com/printable-new-years-interview-for-kids/

Activities, Games, Printables for Teachers                http://www.apples4theteacher.com/holidays/new-years-day/

Countdowns to New Year 2020 for all time zones around the world               https://www.timeanddate.com/counters/multicountdown.html

How to say “Happy New Year” in other languages – http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0923039.html

New Year’s Resolutions Vocabulary Word List                                            https://myvocabulary.com/word-game-puzzles/new-year-s-resolutions-vocabulary/

New Year Traditions from Around the World – http://www.123newyear.com/newyear-traditions/

New Year’s History Articles and Videos – http://www.history.com/topics/holidays/new-years

Movie Clips and New Year’s Music from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-2k7hKvaW0

Times Square Ball History – http://www.timessquarenyc.org/events/new-years-eve/about-the-new-years-eve-ball/history-of-the-new-years-eve-ball/index.aspx#.VobXKFJecx0

Times Square STEM Activity – http://jdaniel4smom.com/2015/12/new-years-ball-drop-stem-challenge.html

Times Square Math Challenge –  http://www.yummymath.com/2015/the-times-square-ball/

“New Year” Bible Verses –  http://www.openbible.info/topics/new_year

New Year’s Quotes –                                                              https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/newyears

Bible Based New Year’s Crafts and Activities –  http://www.christianitycove.com/?s=new+years

New Year’s Interactive Games –  http://www.primarygames.com/holidays/new_years/games.htm

Countdown Clock Craft and Activity Ideas                                        https://www.redtedart.com/countdown-clock-printable/

New Year’s Games – Fun for families, friends, and co-ops –  http://www.howdoesshe.com/15-fun-new-years-eve-activities-for-kids-or-adults/

“Lucky” Foods and Recipes for New Year’s –  http://www.rd.com/food/fun/7-lucky-new-years-foods/

Top 100 News Headlines from 2019                                                                https://www.cnn.com/2019/12/22/us/top-100-digital-stories-2019-trnd/index.html

Wishing You a Happy New Year and Happy Learning throughout 2020!

betty jo


Has your family taken a bit of time to learn about bridges?  We did and it was an awesome, multi level, and cross curricular study!  With the Brooklyn Bridge opening May 24, 1883 , and the Golden Gate Bridge opening May 27, 1964, May is a great time to learn about bridges.  However, if bridges in May doesn’t work for you, the third Saturday in October is “Bridge Day” and “Historic Bridges” is one of the themes for the month of November! Of course, you don’t need a special day to learn about bridges and can add a study as your calendar allows.   Below are the links to the online resources we used.  And, remember to check with your local library for bridge books and movies.

Bridge Building Video – Learn some of the important differences between arch, suspension and cable-stayed bridges


Bridge Facts


Photo Gallery of Bridges Around the World


Virtual Tour of the Golden Gate Bridge –


I didn’t give the boys any instructions, but just gave them the supplies from the following projects, and told them to build!  We tested them with weights (stacking cans of food), and with our remote control cars.

How to Make a Strong Paper Bridge –  http://www.ehow.com/how_6321787_make-strong-paper-bridge.html

Build a Bridge Challenge with Recyclables And Materials from Around the House –  http://inspirationlaboratories.com/science-at-home-strength-of-materials/

Spaghetti Bridge Engineering Project –  https://www.teachengineering.org/view_activity.php?url=collection/wpi_/activities/wpi_spagetti_bridge/wpi_spag_act_joy.xml

Build It Big – Bridge Challenge Interactive, Photo Gallery, Forces Lab, Meet the Engineers  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/bridge/index.html

Bridge Quotes and Idioms Explained –  http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/bridge

And for family reading, we picked up a copy of  Bridge to Terabithia, and the movie, too.  We think it’s interesting to compare books to their movies.


Bridge to Terabithia Lit Guide, Summary, and Quiz –  http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/terabithia/

And if you’re learning about bridges this October, don’t forget to include the bridge from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

Field trips were fun and easy with this study.   We took an up-close look at a few bridges in our area.

images     th  1f8114af468c53fafe2f61083402bf4d  Greenway Bridge2

I hope you enjoy the bridges study as much as we did!  Oh, by the way, the pretty stone bridge crossing the lake in the above photo was a construction project my husband worked on years ago.

betty jo