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World Sight Day


According to the special days calendar for October, the second Thursday is World Sight Day.  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve covered eyes, vision, and eye health so it’s time to revisit the topic.  I’ve updated our resource list.  There are awesome study helps including videos, diagrams, and activities!

Click here for the revised resource list

Free Learning Resources for the Olympic Games


Our first Special Days unit study of the new school year will be based on the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio.  I’ve been lesson planning and collecting resources.  And, I’ve found some fantastic free online learning resources to share with you!

Homepage for the Rio 2016 Olympics!

Olympic Sports Schedule

Meet mascots Vinicius and Tom and learn what they are and who and what they represent

Free Summer Olympic Lapbook Printables

Brazil facts, interactive, and printables

Great selection of Oylmpic and Brazil free printables for all subjects and levels (you’ll need an account and it’s free to set up and won’t take long)

4 Olympic Bible verses and homeschooling ideas

Olympic Maps!  Maps and information of participating countries, Brazil, Reno, the torch relay, venues, history, events, and more

Olympic Current Event Articles for kids

Olympic Atheletes’ faith based current event articles for families

Olympic Vocabulary List with interactive and printable puzzles

“Lighting the Olympic Torch”, “Swimsuits – What A Drag”,  “Which Olympic Sport…”  math lessons adaptable for any level.  I use this site often and anticipate other Olympic math lessons to be released throughout the next few days

Olympics history and trivia interactive quizzes

Watch videos that teach about the elements gold and silver

“Mr. Science” with Hooked on Science and a kid scientist explain how your big toe can determine your athletic potential.

Play Olympic Interactive Games

“How to Be a Good Sport” article and tips for kids  with audio and printing options

“What If I Don’t Like Sports?”  article and tips for kids  with audio and printing options

List of “Sports  Injuries” and athlete health articles with audio and printing options

Learn to speak Portuguese (the official language in Brazil) with flash cards and games. Lots of other Brazil  .

Portuguese language printable worksheets and quizzes

Lots of Olympic activities, printables, and craft ideas

Brazil and Olympic themed crafts and activities.  I love the coloring page of Rio!

BIG list of Olympic arts and crafts

Fun and easy DIY backyard Olympic Games  ( Javelin Throw, Balance Beam, Discus Throw, Bean Bag Toss and Water Bucket Relay)

Party, food, and activity ideas

Let the Games Begin!  (August 5, 2016)

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Learning Resources for Special Days


Recently, I was asked what resources to use for teaching from the Special Days posts. Every month has different topics, but I turn to the same tried and trusted web sites as I collect resources for our Special Days learning.  Below is a list of those I find to be the most helpful when preparing our “from the calendar” studies.  I hope that you will find them helpful, too.

Special Days and Biographies –  How to and resource list

Resources for Presidents Birthdays

Special Days and Geography –  How to and resource list

Special Days and Science – How to with resource list

A monthly calendar “resource of links and things to do, things to learn and things to explore”

Wonderful resources, activities, crafts, recipes, and open ended ideas often related to seasons, holidays, and monthly themes for families and independent learners

Calendar of Books

“Food, Nutrition, and Health By the Month”

Monthly themed bulletin boards, lesson plans, activities, and writing prompts

Seasonal Themes with Resources

Daily Feature Video

Wonder of the Day

This Month in History

Bible based object lessons, games, projects, and science experiments which will often correspond with themes and holidays

Vocabulary lists to go with just about any seasonal or holiday topic

Seasonal and holiday themed math lessons and activities

Monthly Science Calendar with resources

Writing Prompt Calendar

Calendar Related Writing and Literacy Activities and Lesson Plans

Science Activities for Every Month of the Year  –

Crafts for holidays and themes

Special Days art lessons, craft projects, and activities

Elementary level printables with monthly themes including holidays, statehood anniversaries, and president’s birthdays

Seasonal and holiday interactive games and printables

I’m going to keep this handy resource list on the sidebar under the current Special Days icon link.  And, if you need some help developing a special day study, just let me know!

Happy Learning!

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History, Fireworks, Food, and Family Fun – A 4th of July Unit Study and Resource List

4th-of-JulyThe 4th of July, America’s birthday, is a fantastic opportunity for family fun, fireworks, food, and summer school learning!  I’ve found some great cross curricular and multi level resources to share as we celebrate,  explore, create, learn, review, and play through a unit study.

American Revolution Timeline starting with The Stamp Act (1765) and ending with The Treaty of Paris (1783)

Early America Resources – Documents, Photos, Biographies, and Videos

Tour Revolutionary War Battlefields                        

‘Revolutionary War’ Famous Paintings                                          

Museum of the American Revolution – Impressive collection of objects, works of art, manuscripts, and printed works!                                             

Interactive version of John Trumbull’s famous painting “The Declaration of Independence”

Guns of the Revolutionary War                                                  

History/Geography/Math Game Printable  – “Find the Lost Redcoat”   

banner_2465Liberty’s Kids is an entertaining and a favorite video resource for homeschooling families to introduce the events and people of the American Revolution.  Here’s the link to the viewers guide for all 40 episodes.

And, the link to the Liberty’s Kids Youtube channel and playlist.  All the episodes are available to view.

Schoolhouse Rock 4th of July Cartoon

4th of July Vocabulary List and Word Puzzles                                         

July 4th Writing Prompts                                                                                          

Patriotic Writing Paper Printables                             

Calligraphy Resources                                                        

Patriotic Quotes                                                         

How to Speak Like a Colonist                                           

Devotions, Quotes, Prayers, and Bible verses for Independence Day

Learn about manufacturing the American Flag history and videos


“Why do we celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks?”  According to Slate, that answer is , “Because John Adams wanted us to.”  Link here for the full article.

Boom Pow Whizz” is an awesome article explaining the history of fireworks with a couple of suggested art and language arts activities.

Fireworks and Flags Math Activities

Learn about the chemistry of fireworks and use the handy chart of to identify what chemical compounds are used to produce different colors

And here’s more firework chemistry including a highlighted periodic table

And to find out more about the elements that make the firework colors

What’s inside a firework and step by step explanation of what happens when lit

How It’s Made – Fireworks

How It’s Made – Sparklers

Steve Spangler’s – 4th of July Science

Homemade Fireworks Instructions (advanced and probably dangerous!)        

BBQ and Grilling Safety Guide with kids

Kids Grilling Recipes and Tips

How Charcoal is Made Video

My family’s favorite 4th of July treat is this yummy and easy layered dessert using store bought angel food cake – cut into cubes, blueberries, sliced strawberries, and whipped cream.


Fun Learning Activities                                                                   

4th of July themed Bible games and activities

4th of July Party Games

4th of July themed Interactive Games

Patriotic Music for Kids

And don’t forget to check with your local library!  We found these …


And we don’t have to stop this study here!  “The Pennsylvania State House bell was rung to summon the people of Philadelphia to gather for the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 8, 1776.  Though the bell wouldn’t be called the Liberty Bell  until years later, the bell’s message of liberty certainly rang that day.”

The Liberty Bell –  Learning Resource List


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Special Days in January – Learning Resource List


month_A_01Here’s a wonderful collection of resources for daily learning from the list of Special Days in January, 2016  (

1  –  New Year’s  –  Learning Resources  –

3  –  J.R.R. Tolkien Day  –  Read about the author, book reviews, events,  and more from his fan club, The Tolkien Society  –

4  –   Louis Braille born 1809  –  Resources and Activities  –

4  –  Jacob Grimm born 1785  –  Read Brothers Grimm fairy tales  –

4  –  Isaac Newton born 1693  –  Biography and Printables  –

5  –  Bird Day  –  Make one or more of these bird feeders  and learn some bird calls

6  –  Bean Day  –  Bean Resources and Activities  –

6  –  Joan of Arc born 1412  –  Biography and Printables  –

7  –   President Millard Fillmore born 1800 –

7  –  Old Rock Day  –  Rock and Mineral  –

8  –  Joygerm Day  –

9  –  President Richard Nixon born 1913  –

9  –  Static Electricity Day  –  This is Z’s all time favorite experiment  –

11  –  Cuckoo Dancing Week begins  –  “Laurel and Hardy” article, music, and photos  –

11  –  Grand Canyon National Monument dedicated 1908  –  Take a virtual tour  –

13  –  Poetry Break Day  –  Reading and Writing Poetry resources  –

14  –  Nobel Prize Winner Albert Schweitzer born 1875 –  Biography and Printables  –

15  –  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. born 1929  –  (18 – MLK Day *) –  Learning Resources –

16  –  Appreciate a Dragon Day  –  Fast Facts and resource links  –

17  –  Ben Franklin born 1706  –  Biography and Printables  –

18  –  Winnie the Pooh Day  –

19  –  Edgar Allan Poe born 1809  –  Research Project  –

20  –  Draw a Dinosaur Day  –  Try  these step-by-step instructions  –

21  –  Squirrel Appreciation Day  –  Huge list of unit study resources  –

23  –  Handwriting Analysis Week begins  –  Learn about the forensics analysis of handwriting  –

24  –  Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector Day  –  How about a Yosemite Sam cartoon?  –

25  –  Burns Night  –  Robert Burns born 1759  –

26  –  Australia Day  –

27  –  Author Lewis Carrol born 1832  –  Study guide for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

27  –  Composer Mozart born 1756  –  Biography and Printables  –

29  –  President William McKinley born 1843  –

29 –  Patriot Thomas Paine born 1737  –  Watch the Common Sense episode of Liberty’s Kids –

30  –  Franklin Roosevelt born 1882-

30  –  Yodel For Your Neighbors Day  –  How to Yodel Instructions, Videos, and some historic facts  –

31  –  Inspire Your Heart With Art Day  –  When looking for an art project, this is my usual “go to” site.  No matter what subject you’re studying, this link has something to tie art in with it!  –

Check back from time to time throughout the month for updates and more daily resources!  And if you’re able to share more January daily resources, please do!  It would be awesome to add your favorites!

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January Resources for Teachers

january_clipartThere’s oodles of learning opportunities from January’s calendar!  Below is a collection of free online educational resources for some cool January studies.

BIG List of January’s Holidays, Observances, Themes, Famous Birthdays, and Historic Event Anniversaries  –

Learning Resources for January  –

Discover January with Themed Activities and Resources  –

January Prayer Calendar for Children  –

January Science Calendar  –

Daily Learning Links  –

January Bulletin Boards, Lesson Plans, Writing Prompts, and Theme Units  –

January Themed Arts and Crafts Lessons  –

January Themed Printable Worksheets  –

January Themed Printables, Activities, and Crafts  –

January/Winter Themed Math Activities  –

Winter Themed Math Activities  –

January and Winter Themed Vocabulary Lists  –

Winter Themed Interactive Games  –

16 Things to do in January –

Snow Week Learning Resources, Recipes, and Activities  –

Penguins –

Healthy Diet  –  26 Lessons and Tests  –

Exercise  –  Homeschool Mom Approved YouTube Exercise Videos  –

Winter Activities and Resources  –

Happy January Learning!

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New Year’s Resources

happy-new_-year-12-31-10Though my family is still on winter break from usual homeschooling lessons, I’ve been planning and  collecting ideas and links for a New Year’s study to start next week.  Below is what I’ve found.  I hope you find the resources helpful for your New Years lessons, too!

Looking Back at 2015 and Looking Ahead to 2016 Printable – (This is what my family is using for our yearly traditional time capsule.  Each of us will fill one out and place in a bottle to be packed away with our Christmas decorations.  We’ll find them next December when we get the decorations back out.)

Top News Stories of 2015 (parents of younger kids should view privately before sharing with the kids because there’s quite a few bad news stories)

Find out the “Most Searched, Most Watched” (again, parents should view first) of 2015

“New Year” Bible Verses –

Bible Based New Year’s Crafts and Activities –

New Year’s Interactive Games –

New Year’s Games – Fun for families, friends, and co-ops –

“Lucky” Foods and Recipes for New Year’s –

New Year’s Activities and Printables (lots of printables!) –

How to say “Happy New Year” in other languages –

New Year Traditions from Around the World –

New Year’s History Articles and Videos –

Movie Clips and New Year’s Music from the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s –

Happy New Year Songs Playlist –

Times Square Ball History –

Times Square STEM Activity –

Times Square Math Challenge –

Be on the lookout for more January resources and lesson ideas coming soon!







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Snow Week

 Ice, Snow, Wind, maybe even Blizzard Conditions!  The local public and private schools will be canceling for “snow days” but not us.   “Snow Days” make some awesome learning days! Below is a great resource collection for winter studies whether you have snow or not !
1654275_584443301637526_518595618_n  1453241_584616898286833_234299681_n
Why it’s good for us to get outside even when it’s cold –
Winter Weather Science Lessons, Safety Tips, and Activities
How to Survive Winter Weather Preparedness Guide
Bring some snow inside for observation and experimentation.
1794763_584443438304179_1425478663_n  1780671_584443344970855_621687383_n
A study of snow wouldn’t be complete without some research into the life and discoveries of homeschooled farmer boy turned scientist, Snowflake Bentley.
 Bentley Biography, Photos, and exhibits

Snowflake and Snowman Printable Writing Paper for Notebooking/Journaling. (The kids tend to write nicer/better when we use decorated paper.  I appreciate these for not using much ink.)

 Bible Focus –  Psalm 147:15-18

15 He gives a command to the earth,
    and it quickly obeys him.
16 He spreads the snow like wool.
    He scatters the frost like ashes.
17 He throws down hail like rocks.
    No one can stand the cold he sends.
18 Then he gives a command, and it melts.
    He sends the breezes, and the waters flow.

Amazing and beautiful!  Macro Photographed Snowflakes  –

Fun Snowflake Resources, Activities, Recipes
Winter Weather Themed Math  –
Snowmen – Netflix has this award winning film. Our local library has it, too.  We loved it,  (some of the themes were  on the mature side, but my younger boys did just fine with it)  Here’s a preview
Snow Week learning can still happen without actual snow!
Printable Paper Snowflake Templates –
 “Grow Your Own Crystal Snowflake” Kits. –  I used purple pipe cleaner sticks thinking the color would be pretty coming through the crystals.  We thought the borax crystals were fun to watch grow and turned out quite interesting!
1610035_626941697376543_236443742_n              1460973_584443378304185_1738421577_n
1800413_584443411637515_1941961007_nThis is the recipe and instructions we used for the kits.
Add Crystal Comparison Experiments by making Epson Salt and Sugar Solutions.  Of course you can make icicles instead of snowflakes. They fit better in smaller jars.
Snow Dough –  2 cups baking soda, 1 cup corn starch, 1 1/2 cups water. Combine all ingredients in sauce pan. Cook over medium high. Stir continuously until it’s the consistency of mashed potatoes. Move dough to bowl and cover w/a towel until cool. Knead well. Store in airtight container.
Sensory Cloud Dough –  Baking Soda and White Hair Conditioner also   Flour with Baby Oil works well – Just mix until the texture feel right to you
Put tortilla shells goes on the grocery list! These dessert snowflakes are fun to make and really yummy!
Cut round flour tortilla shells into snowflakes, lightly fry in oil then sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.
9470_585916058156917_918262541_n 1798846_585916084823581_1630618095_n1012658_585916101490246_1045541404_n  1623781_585916128156910_1483457142_n
Homemade Crockpot Hot Cocoa is a delicious warm up to any snow day!
1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)
 6 cups whole milk
2 cups heavy whipping cream
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
Combine all ingredients in a 4-quart crockpot.  Stir well.  Cover and cook on low for 2 hours stirring occasionally. Top with marshmallows or whipped cream.    Stirring with a peppermint stick is tasty, too!
Stay warm and enjoy learning with snow!
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