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A New Kid, Birthdays, and Year End Events

It’s been a few months since I’ve actually written a post about our family and our homeschool.  Normally, that would mean that all is just mundane and not blog or photo worthy.  However, that’s not what my blog absence has been about,  I haven’t been able to find the time to share about all that’s been going on.  Today, I’ll try to fill you in some.

First, let me introduce you to MJ!  She’s our family’s new job.  Actually, she is a homeschool girl who is with us four days a week for tutoring while her grandmother works.  These photo are of her and Z at the last homeschool fieldtrip of the school year, Stewardship Day at Shawnee National Forest.

11928_304025206414092_5649342579274737682_n  1908274_304025009747445_5766480855971460790_n


We have a new chalkboard wall mural that goes along with our Lewis and Clark, Oregon Trail, and Westward Journey studies.


We’ve been working on improvements to our key hole garden.  The stone looks wonderful and made the best Mother’s Day present!  The flowers are quite nice, too.

10352584_636762289738960_4574333442912914450_n 1920199_636762126405643_399865237555379097_nThis next photo is E and B with SALT, (our homeschool support groups drama co-op) at the final performance of the year.  And, it’s sad that this was E’s very last performance with them.  Now that she’s graduating, she’ll not be in the troop.  Being involved with creative ministries and drama certainly has been one of her favorite activities of her homeschooling career.


And, here’s a few of the pics from the spring formal.

6722_10203582499020520_1159484483778250640_n 10294416_10201184043481724_7776315076764696165_n 10151357_10201184046801807_7691335858991003632_n 10301068_10201184049321870_7130415414039299656_n10270229_623805144368008_1784912913_n1506644_10201184039441623_2575046395464671780_n

Both of my youngest boys had birthdays!  Z turned 9 and J turned 11.

10402524_637133943035128_3291994282652044128_n 10301357_637133876368468_2778025495888533215_n


These next photos are of Silver Lining (homeschool color guard) at their spring show, “Storms of Life”.  Though, this was E’s last performance with them, she is planning to stay involved with the group as an assistant coach.

10256317_628980813850551_462151345128528567_n                10376024_628980783850554_7617073920475603560_n

1625591_628980850517214_1221519875084586621_nAnd Silver Lining’s honor and awards banquet


There’s just one more event to add to this year’s homeschooling year, graduation and achievement night.  The plans are set and all will be ready for the big night, this coming up Friday.   I’ll be sure to share those photos then.

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Our Homeschooling Week Ending October 11

This past week was our fall break, and let me tell you, we enjoyed it.    Once I got the 1st quarter grades recorded, that was it for school!  We stayed up late and slept even later.  The kids and I watched movies, played games, and spent a good deal of time outside.  I never took so many naps in my adult life as I took this week.  I should have been working on a few things, but resting and relaxing is what a break is supposed to be about, and I took full advantage of that.

However, we did finish the new mural on the chalkboard wall!  This was the first time trying silhouettes.  I think I like drawing/coloring by erasing! 1379957_519225191492781_1167609427_nWith the week off now over, I hope the kids are ready to get back to our regular schedule for they may need to motivate me.  I so enjoyed my break from lesson planning and teaching.

I hope you had a terrific week and that you’re enjoying the weekend.

For more about our chalkboard wall see  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/one-of-our-favorite-things-the-wall/

betty jo

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Our Homeschooling Week Ending October 4

This was an easy week for our homeschool.  My husband and I were not feeling well and with our car still broken, it was a good week to stay home.   Also, this was our 9th week of the homeschooling year so we’ve been finishing up a few loose ends and testing before starting our fall break.

The highlight this week has been the chalkboard wall.  With our pirate studies being over it was time to erase.  J had been asking to do that for several days, so he was excited to get that job started.

1378364_522367817845075_538432821_nWe have decided that the next mural should be a fall scene and agreed on a big full moon with a silhouette tree.

1374856_523197167762140_1231198645_n1374841_561315363939177_1904301964_n We’re saving a couple of blank spaces in the moon for other silhouettes, perhaps a bat, an owl, and a spider.

1375887_561281867275860_693404763_nPerhaps we’ll get it finished over the weekend or early next week.  Until then we will have to deal with a dusty mess.

Our keyhole garden science project is still ongoing.  The tomato plants are about finished but the peppers are still producing like crazy.

994933_516719048410062_1036052534_n1382925_516718991743401_1131405712_nE and B have started back with SALT (homeschool creative ministries troop) and are loving being with their friends again after some time off to settle into the new school year.

1374036_565710500161279_178052405_n996856_236321089851171_1108846771_nI hope you had a good week and that you enjoy your weekend.

betty jo

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Our Homeschooling Week Ending 8/30

This was not such a great week.  Car troubles, a broken faucet in the kitchen sink, a broken drain pipe in the bathroom sink, hurt bodies, snotty noses, sore throats,  upset tummies, blown out tennis shoes, and heat index temperatures over 100 degrees.  Gee, I’m glad the week is over.

This was one of those weeks when I was happy to have  some flexibility with our schedule.  E, B, and I decided it would benefit us if we switched to economics instead of algebra (for this week only).  Algebra is challenging enough without stuffy heads.  We only took notes instead of writing essays and watched extra educational tv in place of reading.  And, of course, added some extra health lessons as we’ve sought  natural remedies, disinfected our germ areas, and changed up our diet while fighting our summer colds.

The highlights of the week were again from our pirate unit study.  This week we learned about ships and sailing, and added a bit more to our lapbook board.

1234932_545080638895983_697618575_nAnd the chalkboard wall mural is probably finished.  We are still kicking around a couple of ideas to improve it, but for now this is what has been done.

1174787_508341782581012_1975767643_n1174718_545080612229319_1990351664_n1002640_545080572229323_454426006_nI hope you and your family had a nice week!

betty jo

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