Our Homeschooling Week Ending 8/30

This was not such a great week.  Car troubles, a broken faucet in the kitchen sink, a broken drain pipe in the bathroom sink, hurt bodies, snotty noses, sore throats,  upset tummies, blown out tennis shoes, and heat index temperatures over 100 degrees.  Gee, I’m glad the week is over.

This was one of those weeks when I was happy to have  some flexibility with our schedule.  E, B, and I decided it would benefit us if we switched to economics instead of algebra (for this week only).  Algebra is challenging enough without stuffy heads.  We only took notes instead of writing essays and watched extra educational tv in place of reading.  And, of course, added some extra health lessons as we’ve sought  natural remedies, disinfected our germ areas, and changed up our diet while fighting our summer colds.

The highlights of the week were again from our pirate unit study.  This week we learned about ships and sailing, and added a bit more to our lapbook board.

1234932_545080638895983_697618575_nAnd the chalkboard wall mural is probably finished.  We are still kicking around a couple of ideas to improve it, but for now this is what has been done.

1174787_508341782581012_1975767643_n1174718_545080612229319_1990351664_n1002640_545080572229323_454426006_nI hope you and your family had a nice week!

betty jo

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8 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Week Ending 8/30

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thank you Dawn. It’s tough when so many things go wrong at once, but I’m so happy that these things don’t mess up our homeschooling (much). Thanks for stopping by!


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