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The Old Has Gone

2 Corinthians 5:17  “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

It was supposed to  inspire  me to meditate on things “spring”,  like budding trees and flowers, then make a comparison with my new self since giving my life to Christ.   However,  when I read it, this is what I saw, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the NEW CREATION has come: THE OLD HAS GONE…”.  I glance away from my study for just a second, and see our chalkboard wall.

                               c b  knight

“NEW CREATION”?  The “Castle Wall” has been the featured chalk art since the end of January.  We are finished with the knights and castle part of our middle ages unit study.  It’s time for something “NEW”.   So I had B14 erase it.

c b erased“THE OLD HAS GONE”!

The next study will be about the plague.  I do not want anything plague related in my kitchen.     So, I’m thinking something “spring”.  Something butterflies and flowers.  I glance through an art book we got from the library .   And, sure enough there’s step by step instructions for drawing a butterfly.

draw 50  draw b

cb butterfly

It usually takes a couple of days to finish a mural, but when it’s done, I’ll show you.

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Happy Spring and Happy New Creation,

betty jo

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It’s springing here in Western KY.  With the time change springing ahead, the extra daylight hours have aided the trees in producing their blooms.  Flowers are opening up and the grass has lost it’s dead color and found new green. The temperatures are a bit warmer.  The birds that stayed around through the winter are singing a happier song than they were just last week.

Spring is a wonderful time for outdoor nature lessons.  We have some flowerpots to decorate and a variety of flower seeds soaking to germinate before planting.  We will be making a fairy garden around a tree stump in the back yard.  We will be studying the spring nighttime skies, and making a weather center.

Spring is the time to get out the sports equipment, bikes, and kites.  Hiking and picnics are on our spring agenda along with some outdoor field trips with our homeschooling support group.

Our middle ages history studies will move on into the Renaissance.

Spring is also a good time for poetry studies (picture my kids rolling their eyes and sighing).

Song of Songs (Solomon) 2:11-12

     Don’t you see? The winter is done.
The rains and clouds have come and gone.
         The flowers are unfolding in the fields;
the birds are warming up their songs,

Poetry can be in the form of music, too (picture my kids no longer rolling their eyes or sighing).


betty jo