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The Office

My sweet J9 often says very insightful but odd things.  One day, he was sitting at the kitchen table.  He looked sad.  When I asked him about what was going on, he replied that he was in need of an office. I did not have a clue where this idea came from or where it was going, but I was curious.  I asked him why he needed an office, and J9 answered, “When you’re in an office, people do what you tell them to.”  Wow, suddenly he wasn’t the only one wanting an office, I wanted one, too.

We have two tables in our kitchen.  One for meals and school work, the other is a drop leaf that was a collection center for coats, books, groceries, random toys, etc.  That table only got cleaned off when company was coming and we needed more seating or room for a buffet.

J9 and I cleaned everything off the dropleaf.  Then we moved the homeschool records, school supplies, unit study box, and printer to that table. We hung a bulletin board.  And TA DA an office for J9 and me.

However, this has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment for him.  People (our family members and the boy next door)  do not do what he tells them to just because he tells them from an office.  J9 has shouted at us, “You’re fired!” (imagine Donald Trump), at least 10 times apiece. However, he does like having his computer time  there.

I am not disappointed at all in our office.  I love it.   It looks better. The organization is an improvement.  Before, our homeschool records were on the hutch in the living room.  The printer , mostly stayed in my bedroom (not convenient).  The unit study box could have been found anywhere (garage, under beds).  Now when one of the kids asks me where their folder is, I tell them, “It’s in the office”, and they actually will find it there.  I print off unit study pages and right away they go into the unit study box.  If we need a crafting supply, we simply look in the tote that’s stored under the table.  I even have a place for our homeschooling support group notebook.

The office is where I sip hot creamy coffee and plan our weeks.  It is where I can meet one on one with each kid to discuss work, grades, schedules, and such. It’s where the calendar and planner can be found.  And of course, the office is where parent-teacher conferences happen (insert a snicker or chuckle here).

Sometimes, the simplest ideas end up being the best ideas. After years of homeschool disorder we finally have some organization.  Our office cost nothing to set up.  We got it together in hardly any time at all.  I find it a wonderful home/ homeschool improvement. The office has become one of the best areas in our home.


the office            

Thank you, J9 for the idea.  And just maybe if you paid “your people”, they would do what you tell them to.

betty jo





March On – The Sequel

As I studied the calendar for March I learned that Sunday, March 3 is, “I Want You To Be Happy Day”.   Isn’t that everyday?  Smiles always beat frowns.  Tears from laughter are better than tears of sadness.  So what is it that makes us happy?  What is it that we can do today that will not only make those around us happy, but also ourselves?  It’s a good thing that money doesn’t buy happiness, because I don’t have much of that.

Anyway,  I’ve been thinking about what 1 thing I can to do to make each family member happy, and so far everything I’ve come up with is pretty simple.  I have decided that I will take the dish turn for B14, not ask A21 to take out the trash, or E17 to babysit. I will play a game of chess, cards, or whatever Z7 wants to play immediately upon his request. I’m not sure yet what I’ll be doing to add a little happiness to A22’s day, but I know it will involve cheese and pineapple (homemade pizza?). J9 is easy, extended laptop and tv turns for him. My husband will be happy if I can keep from sending him on some errand and just let him have a day to stay home.

We all know that saying, “Nobody’s happy unless Momma’s happy”, perhaps a Sunday afternoon NAP will take care of that.   Wishing you happiness , betty jo   (ps: lots of views and comments on the blog would make me very happy, too)

For more about special days coming up this March take a look here:  http://www.hsclassroom.net/2013/02/calendar-unit-study-national-awareness-days-in-march/

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