Arrrrgh! Pirates!

1328026975arvadacenter-pirate-tattoos-big-pngAccording to the special days in September calendar, the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  And on our planner, it’s the last day of our pirate unit study that we have been working on a couple of days a week for the past several weeks.  It’s been a fun and interesting study.  Below are some of the resources we have been using.

For pirate biographies, dictionary, lore, sea sickness, and more

For learning about how much work it was to sail a full-rigged ship

Since pirates needed sewing skills for sail repairs we have added some sewing instruction to our lessons.


How to tie knots was also a valuable pirate expertise, so we gave that a try as well.  This site has step by step knot tying instructions

Navigation by the night sky was another important sailor know how.  For a slide show of Polaris (the north star)  and brief facts

This PDF is the instructions for making a cork and needle compass

Our lapbook board  (we glued these to file folders once the unit study was finished)


Free unit studies and lapbook printables along with book lists and other links to follow

“Why are pirates called pirates?”   –   “They just arrrrrr!”  and, lots of other pirate jokes for kids

Blackbeard, pirate, and treasure chest printable notebooking pages

More pirate themed notebooking pages

These are a few of our library finds.

994563_499037283511462_2074833300_nMovies and music!


Interactive sunken treasure game

More pirate interactive games (though the games are great for kids, there are pop-up ads in the sidebar and some may not be kid appropriate, so my recommendation is to select the game yourself, then call your child over to play it)

Interactive “Walk the Plank” Math Games (scroll down a little bit)

Our chalkboard wall mural.  The instructions for how to draw a pirate ship from here were necessary and quite helpful.


In conclusion to our pirate unit studies we attempted to make this treasure chest cake!

treasure-chest-cake-recipe-photo-420-0497-FF0403CAKEA19Haha!  Another “Pinterest Fail”, but still tasted pretty good


For other special days in September see

Wishing you smooth sailing!

betty jo



8 thoughts on “Arrrrgh! Pirates!

  1. Angela

    I am thinking about doing a pirate week with my daughter while when we do a week of learning the sound “ar” makes. She is good at reading the sound but when she wants to write a word she can’t remember if it is “ar” “er” “ir” or “or”! These will be great resources. Thanks! I found your post at the Ultimate Homeschool Link-Up.

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