Arrrrgh! Pirates!

Sept. 19th is “Talk Like a Pirate” Day! We did a whole pirate unit study last year and it was great fun! Here’s the resources we used. I checked them all and they are working fine.

Still Learning Something New

1328026975arvadacenter-pirate-tattoos-big-pngAccording to the special days in September calendar, the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!  And on our planner, it’s the last day of our pirate unit study that we have been working on a couple of days a week for the past several weeks.  It’s been a fun and interesting study.  Below are some of the resources we have been using.

For biographies, lore, sea sickness, and more

For learning about how much work it was to sail a full-rigged ship

Since pirates needed sewing skills for sail repairs we have added some sewing instruction to our lessons.

553537_506050852810215_1177626745_nHow to tie knots was also a valuable pirate talent, so we’ve given that a try as well.

Navigation by the night sky was another important sailor skill.  For a slide show of Polaris (the north star)  and brief facts

This PDF is the instructions…

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