Art Day – Sistine Chapel Style

As part of our “cathedral” section of our current middle ages unit studies, we researched Michelangelo and his masterpiece ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  To get a feel of what laying on your back and painting was like, we taped some paper to our dry erase board and and set it across a couple of chairs, then took turns laying under it to paint Bible story scenes.  Even the homeschool graduate wanted in on this project.  I love it when our assignments capture the interest of the older kids.

This is A21.

Tayart 1

Z7                                             and                        B14

art2 art 3

A22                                               and                         E17

art 4 art 5  

J9                                                      and the finished Bible Story Paintings.

art 6 art 7

And here are the links we used for our study and notebooking:

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17 thoughts on “Art Day – Sistine Chapel Style

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Mummyshymz, thanks for visiting the blog, and it was a “cool” project. And, it did not make the mess I imagined it would… ( No paint dripping in eyes.)

  1. Debbie S.

    This was really cool, B.J.. I asked on the newsfeed for you to post the kids’ finished work. I see you posted it here. Thanx. And the links are great. Braden wants to try to paint like this, too. See, I told you you are an inspiration to others! 🙂

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thanks, Caroline for visiting my blog today. The Sistine Style art project was fun. Usually I’m not a big fan of paint, but this worked out rather well. I appreciate your comment.

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  6. Hope T

    This is great! We WILL do this under the kitchen table tomorrow. We just learned all about Michelangelo last week- perfect timing!

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