Art Day – Sistine Chapel Style

According to the “Special Days in March” list, the 6th is artist, Michelangelo’s birthday. We did a wonderful study on him last year and ended up with the most interesting and fun art project.

Still Learning Something New

As part of our “cathedral” section of our current middle ages unit studies, we researched Michelangelo and his masterpiece ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.  To get a feel of what laying on your back and painting was like, we taped some paper to our dry erase board and and set it across a couple of chairs, then took turns laying under it to paint Bible story scenes.  Even the homeschool graduate wanted in on this project.  I love it when our assignments capture the interest of the older kids.

This is A21.

Tayart 1

Z7                                             and                        B14

art2art 3

A22                                               and                         E17

art 4art 5 

J9                                                      and the finished Bible Story Paintings.

art 6art 7

And here are the links we used for our study and notebooking:

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