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Night of the Living Teens

E-17 wants to call it “Prom”.  So we call it “Prom”.  Some of the other parents in our homeschooling support group do not like all of the negatives associated with the word “Prom” and prefer to call it “Teen Night”.  So we call it “Teen Night”.  Some prefer to call it “Prom Alternative”.  So we call it “Prom Alternative”, too.   I’m thinking “Night of the Living Teens” works for me.  We are just blessed to have such a special night that the title of it doesn’t really matter.

We started the evening early at one of our local parks for photos.

247707_455336994548268_1059328985_n 484813_455337197881581_950848485_n 935647_462526740495850_702326292_n 970860_462526847162506_799993366_nThen dinner out and after that to He Brews coffee shop for costume trunk, ice cream, Wii, and dancing.

E17 and Batman.                                              374345_4432889555189_1540265411_nThe Cupid Shuffle!
(That’s me in the yellow.)


Some worn out girls at midnight!

419606_455337387881562_596139955_nThis momma is worn out too but happy!

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Spring Formal

I was treated to breakfast by one of my nearest, dearest, and longest homeschooling mom friends.  The purpose for this was to plan this springs Teen Night.  Of course, this led to the discussion of past events.

Here’s some photos “besties” from last spring when we threw a prom (alternative) for our homeschool support groups high school students.

The girls made their own corsages.  Notice their purity rings.

prom 3

We met at White Haven, a local tourist spot.  for a photo shoot.

prom 4Dinner and shared dessert at a nice out of town restaurant .prom7Outside in the garden gazebo.  This is where they danced “The Cupid Shuffle”

prom 6Mini golf.

prom 1

Changed and comfy playing board games at the after party.

prom 5

This year’s teen night will be different but still wonderful.  Our support group has grown so much that our estimated head count looks like a minimum of 20 teens.  After photos and dinner we have party at a reserved hall with Wii games, music, costume trunk photo booth, and an ice cream sundae bar.

E17, B15, and myself are very excited about these plans and looking forward to this special night.  Z7 says it’s not fair.  He doesn’t want to wait 8 more years for his homeschooler’s night out.

betty jo


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