Girls and Flowers

flowers 1  E17 had a few of her friends over to our house last night.  What fun!

Tonight is our homeschooling support group’s prom (alternative) and the girls NEED corsages.  A variety of fresh flowers, greenery, wire, tape, sequins, rhinestones, glitter, feathers, ribbon,  and hot glue mixed with some craftiness and laughter, and presto – beautiful corsages for their big night!

flowers 3

This is E’s corsage.

flowers 2

Of course they didn’t forget about the guys.  The girls made boutonnieres for them out of the leftovers.

Here’s another post about our homeschool support group’s special night for the teens

betty jo

Homegrown Learners_CollageFridaynewfriendshipFridaybutton_zpsba323150


5 thoughts on “Girls and Flowers

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  2. Sylvia

    So pretty! We didn’t have any prom goers this year. Rebekah went with her boyfriend to his public school prom 2 years ago. She is of the opinion that proms (at least that one) are overrated! I hope you’ll post some prom pics for us! Thanks for linking up at Friendship Friday!


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