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Mothers Day Brunch

mothers day 1I miss my mom every day.  She’s been in heaven for twelve years.  I try not to be sad about her being gone, especially on Mother’s Day.  She would want me to celebrate, not mourn.   I love Mothers Day, the flowers, the special brunch, and cards from my kids, but oh how I wish she could be included more than with just memories.

Sometimes I allow myself to get a bit carried away with my imagination when I’m missing her.  I wonder what awesome things she’s doing up there.  Is she at a Mothers Day brunch in heaven?  I rationalize my wild thoughts, “Since there is a “Wedding Supper of the Lamb, and other mentions of heavenly feasts in the Bible, why not a brunch for mothers?”

I imagine what this brunch looks like.  Flowers of marvelous colors in silver vases.  And crystal bowls filled with fruit.  And bread.  And an angelic string quartet.  And maybe a dance floor for mother-son dances.  I did warn you that I get a bit carried away with my imagination.

I envision who is sitting at my mother’s table.  Eve, Mrs. Noah, Sarah, Rebecca, Rahab, Ruth, Naomi, Mary, Eunice, and Lois!  Wow!  A banquet hall filled with the sheroes (lady heroes) of faith!   All sharing their motherhood testimonies.

Someday I’ll have her introduce me to her friends.

mothers day 2

Happy Mothers Day!

betty jo



Blogs In Heaven?

It’s been a little over a week since I started Still Learning Something New.  I am humbled that I’ve had views, a few e-mail followers, and received wonderful, encouraging comments. I’m proud that I’m in the process of overcoming my computer-phobia and learning how to blog instead of only reading others. Really, friends, this is a huge step for me.

In my past life (not a in a Shirley McClain kind of way, but in the before marriage and children kind of way) I studied journalism in college.  In fact, my folks spent thousands of dollars to see I got educated to write and be published.  However, college was a “FAIL”.  Those dollars were wasted. I lost brain cells instead of filling up the ones I had. I hurt me and I hurt my parents.  I’ve been ashamed and I have always thought they were too. They were very educated. My older siblings have degrees.  Success was expected.

After all those years I am finally committed to writing daily, I’ve finally been published.  People from around the world have read what I said.  It’s mind blowing.  I wish my parents could know.

 I don’t imagine that they have WiFi in Heaven. There is so much sin and sadness over the internet and NO sin and sadness in Heaven that I don’t think those there would even want it.  However, since “all things are possible with God” , my prayer is that my Mom and Dad know that it all wasn’t a waste. I’d love for Jesus to let them read what I’ve written. And for Him to show them that “view map” on the stats board.  I’d like them to see the pics of the chalk board wall, too.  Mom would love that idea.

 Also, I pray for those of you reading now that whatever your needs are that they will be met. And that we all will be able to do something that glorifies and pleases He who made us and saved us.

.        many blessings, betty jo