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Easter (and after) Learning Resources


Though we did a Passion Week study and some arts and crafts as part of our week’s homeschooling lessons,  we still have some Easter learning to do!

Here’s some awesome links for free Easter learning resources that we’ll be following throughout the weekend and into the first part of next week.

I’ve got a neighbor family in mind to “egg”.  Not like a mean prank like throwing raw, rotten eggs at their house but to “egg” them in a way that will bless them!  You can read about this wonderful idea and pick up a free printable to go with your eggs here  http://happyhomefairy.com/2013/03/24/youve-been-egged-he-is-risen-style-free-printable/

I printed off this trivia game to test our Easter story knowledge  http://www.myjoyfilledlife.com/2014/04/09/printable-easter-story-trivia-game/

We’ll be using this !st Corinthians 15 based article, Why the Resurrection Matters, for a discussion and study guide  https://bible.org/seriespage/easter-1993-why-resurrection-matters-1-corinthians-151-19

Playing with food is science with this free “EggSperiment” printable pack  (scroll down towards bottom)  http://www.parents.com/blogs/homeschool-den/2014/04/14/easter/eggsperiment-brush-your-errr-egg-part-4-of-4/

Eggs lesson plans for K-12 in PDF form  http://www.aeb.org/about-aeb/for-educators/

This speed/coordination game is going to be a great use for those leftover plastic eggs  http://www.franw.com/2014/04/an-eggcellent-game.html

Great ideas for outdoors egg hunt ideas and games                                                        https://www.playpartyplan.com/10-fun-and-creative-easter-egg-hunt/

Virtual tour of a jelly bean factory   https://www.jellybelly.com/california-factory-tours#How%20it’s%20Made

A short history lesson about chocolate eggs! And if you look on the left sidebar you can link to an article explaining how hollow chocolate Easter rabbits are made  http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/menus/chocolate-egg.htm

Easter themed interactive games  http://www.primarygames.com/holidays/easter/games.php

Are your kids asking for a pet bunny?  Mine have.  The answer is “no”, but they can figure that out for themselves as they investigate just what it takes to raise a rabbit.  You’ll also be able to find resources about chicks and ducklings, too.   http://animal-world.com/encyclo/critters/rabbits/rabbits.htm

For Easter printable word games, coloring sheets, notebooking paper and more  http://activityvillage.co.uk/easter-printables

Since I’ve got you here, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to church.  Our local church is part of a much bigger church which is available online.  You can hear the Easter message at any time during the week that works for you  https://www.life.church/easter/

Have a blessed Easter!

betty jo


Silly Rabbit


silly-rabbitSpeaking of silly rabbits…Z7 loves jokes.  He reads joke books and writes them for for his homeschool  language arts lessons whenever I will allow it.  He loves to tell his jokes to his family, friends, neighbors, pastor, cashiers, and sometimes random strangers.  Z7 performed a “stand up” comedy routine at our homeschool support group/co-op’s talent show, and was a hit!

This past week, Z7 has entertained us with cute Easter jokes.  His favorites came from Activity Village. http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/easter_jokes.htm.   We printed these and he put them in plastic eggs for his friends at today’s egg hunt.

Z7’s top 3 favorite jokes for Easter:

How does the Easter Bunny keep his fur neat?  With a HARE brush!

Why did the Easter egg hide?  He was a little chicken!

What of kind books do bunnies like?  Ones with hoppy endings!

Hoppy Happy Easter,

betty jo

Teaching Hope

holy week map(Click on the image to enlarge)

Our homeschool is finishing up our Holy Week studies and getting ready for Easter Celebrations.  But in the midst of our studies we are reminded of that sweet baby’s birth we celebrated just a few months ago.  And we are reminded of the “whys” He came down from Heaven.  “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the earth”, John 1:29

baby jesus We made our own Resurrection Eggs  from these free printables from http://www.lapbooklessons.com/ResurrectionLapbook.html.

And we are ready to put the final touches on our Life of Jesus timeline.  The last days and hours of our LORD’s life are difficult for me to teach.  And I think that these lessons are difficult for the kids to learn about, too, especially for my older kids.  I’m not going to “sugar coat” or skip over anything with them.


Of course Jesus’ timeline doesn’t end on the cross, or even in the sealed tomb.  In fact, His timeline doesn’t end at all.

This Holy Week, I’m teaching HOPE!

Here’s a video of a song we’ve been listening to.

betty jo

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