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Silly Rabbit


silly-rabbitSpeaking of silly rabbits…Z7 loves jokes.  He reads joke books and writes them for for his homeschool  language arts lessons whenever I will allow it.  He loves to tell his jokes to his family, friends, neighbors, pastor, cashiers, and sometimes random strangers.  Z7 performed a “stand up” comedy routine at our homeschool support group/co-op’s talent show, and was a hit!

This past week, Z7 has entertained us with cute Easter jokes.  His favorites came from Activity Village. http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/easter_jokes.htm.   We printed these and he put them in plastic eggs for his friends at today’s egg hunt.

Z7’s top 3 favorite jokes for Easter:

How does the Easter Bunny keep his fur neat?  With a HARE brush!

Why did the Easter egg hide?  He was a little chicken!

What of kind books do bunnies like?  Ones with hoppy endings!

Hoppy Happy Easter,

betty jo