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Coffee With Giggles

dontsettleforlessThe past couple of Mondays, I’ve had my early morning coffee while reading something funny about homeschooling.  It’s been a nice way to start off the week, and just maybe,  Monday coffee with giggles will become a habit.    I’m sharing what’s making me smile as I start my Monday and I’m hoping it adds a little fun to your Monday, too.


betty jo


Coffee And Donuts With The LORD At Home

We belong to a “cool and hip” kind of church.  We have a coffee bar with the absolute best donuts, wi-fi, 2 large video screens and 1 HUGE one, special lighting, large speakers,  and powerpoint  There is so much musical talent in the church that the bands and worship leaders have to rotate. Our pastor is well educated, a marvelous speaker, tells jokes, juggles,  preforms magic, and loves and cares. Dressing up is not a requirement. And the Presence of Christ is powerful, alive, and active. Yeah, like I said “cool and hip” very.  Just last Sunday we started a new thing by watching video from Life Church TV’s series Altar Ego.  With the broken car just sitting in the driveway waiting for the garage to have an opening, we were trying not to be bummed about missing today.

My husband takes his work truck to the donut shop and I make coffee.  There is a kind of peace that we don’t usually experience on Sunday mornings.  No one arguing about who’s turn it is for the bathroom, no one panicking over not being able to find a matching pair of socks, and no pressure to get all 8 of us somewhere on time. With the sermon available on the web we were going to have church at home. We have school at home nearly everyday, why not church sometimes, too

We send the two youngest off to another room (because last weeks sermon was PG) and husband, big kids and I settle in for Altar Ego part 2 – “Need for Control”. What?, Wait a minute- “Need for Control”?  I’m thinking this might not be so good after all. I’m a momma, I control my household, my kids, our budgets, menus , our activities and schedules. If you asked my husband he’d tell you I have a lot of control over him, too.  Control freak? Maybe, maybe not. I know to turn over my worries, I know God has better plans than I do..He’s the only one who really needs to be in control over our situations.

The preacher poses some questions about our need to be in control.  The second one pierces me right in the heart…”Is it mine to control?”

My first born is 21 now. He works, he goes to college, he has a steady, serious long distance.relationship.  He’s drug/alcohol free. But he messes up sometimes. And recently he messed up BIG TIME. While part of me wishes I could just step in and fix everything for him like I did when he was little (take control), the other part of me almost jumps for joy that he didn’t mess up like this during my watch. Today I know that  he is not mine to control just to love. Below is the link to Altar Ego 2 . betty jo