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Our Ocean Wall

1281_470714953010362_1184719576_nAfter a week of a blank chalkboard wall, tic-tac-toe, and random graffiti, we finally decided it was time for a new mural.  I had thought a camping scene was a good idea for summer, but it was voted down.  J and Z had been learning about  coral reefs and ocean life in their summer school science lessons, so they wanted an under water scene.

I knew this was going to be a big project so we enlisted some friends to help.  This is K, a friend from our homeschool support group.  She did an awesome job on the plants, coral, purple fish, and pink dolphin.

1011176_476918369056687_698134235_nI attempted a scuba diver.  I truly appreciate working with chalk.  It is so forgiving.  A mistake is easily wiped off or blended in.

1010027_476918302390027_811467400_nZ stayed busy on the floor with rocks, more plants, more fish and a very cute crab.

1012663_476918332390024_590819264_n1012129_476918232390034_2045045026_nWe added a shark for a bit of danger.

1010753_476918285723362_1761359108_nJ wore his arm out coloring water.  He colored some on the jelly fish, too.

983978_476918195723371_555380404_n971462_476918175723373_921356429_n1016628_476918319056692_2054397556_nA sea turtle, and clown fish were added.

954748_476918219056702_1472711043_nNow presenting our completed Ocean Wall!  It turned out to be one of our favorite murals yet.

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Taking A “Rain” Day

snoopy cartoonThis past winter the public school kids in our area had a couple of days off from school because of snow.  We took a “snow day” in our homeschool too.  The kids bundled up and went out to build a snowman.  Once back inside, they made paper snowflakes, studied winter weather maps, and read winter themed library books, and etc.

I read a blog post today about a homeschooling family that had a “sun day”.  They spent it  outside just enjoying the warmth of spring and all that nature offers this time of year.

That inspired me.  I want us to take a “sun day” too.  And we will, just not tomorrow.   Showers are in the forecast.  But, we CAN take a “rain day”, or maybe two!

Below are some of the activities we’ll be including for our “rain day”.

Since “April showers bring May flowers”, we will be working some more on our latest chalkboard wall.  Hopefully we can finish it.  (This mural has been in the works for nearly a month, because we have been too busy to do much on it.)spring wall

This is a fantastic link for kids to learn anything weather related  with games and experiments   http://www.weatherwizkids.com/   (We made our rain gauge today so we will be able to tell how much rain we get from the upcoming showers.)

Printable weather station   http://www.mrprintables.com/my-weather-station.html

Rain themed writing paper  http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/spring_stationery_to_print.htm

April showers printables   http://www.dltk-holidays.com/spring/april_showers.htm  (warning:  some evolution based information in the first paragraph of the water cycle page, but easy to skip over)

And memorizing  Leviticus 26:3-5 “If you live by my decrees and obediently keep my commandments, I will send the rains in their seasons, the ground will yield its crops and the trees of the field their fruit. You will thresh until the grape harvest and the grape harvest will continue until planting time; you’ll have more than enough to eat and will live safe and secure in your land,’

Rain, rain!  Don’t go away.  Stay around for another day!

For more posts about our chalk board wall click here  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/one-of-our-favorite-things-the-wall/  and here  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/03/01/oops-i-forgot/  and here   https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/03/21/the-old-has-gone/

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