The Great Barrier Reef


June 11 is the anniversary of the discovery of the Great Barrier Reef (1770). Also, the third week in July is “Coral Reef Awareness Week”! Here’s the links we will be following in our homeschooling summer school lesson of the day (and maybe tomorrow’s lesson too).

About the reef from the Marine Park Authority of Australia

Photo Gallery                                                                                      

Lapbooking materials

documentary  here

It is going to be a “G’ Day” of homeschooling with this Great Barrier Reef Study!

betty jo


9 thoughts on “The Great Barrier Reef

  1. homemakingwithheart

    What a great idea for a unit study!
    Did you know though that it wasn’t discovered in 1770 as such? The Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Islander peoples had already known about it and made use of it. 🙂

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      I always think it is rude for someone to get the credit of discovery when Natives already knew.
      Seems to be a good idea for a unit study. I’ll have to let you know in a few days. We decided to stay in the Great Barrier Reef the rest of the week.

      1. homemakingwithheart

        I meant that the Great Barrier Reef itself had already been discovered before 1770 by these People groups. 🙂
        It might make for an interesting side discussion with your children! ie. What does it mean when history books say a land is ‘discovered’ when there are already people living there? Enjoy yourselves! Blessings, from Victoria

      2. Betty Jo Post author

        Victoria, thanks to your input, we did discuss those who knew about the Barrier Reef before it was “officially” discovered. Very interesting twist to today’s lessons indeed. Thanks~

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