World Toilet Day

Nov. 19 – World Toilet Day! Here’s a great list of free resources to learn about this awesome invention!

Still Learning Something New

2014-11-19-WorldToiletDayAt the start of each month, I show the boys the list of special days and let them put a check by the topics that interest them.  And, being boys, of course they both checked November 19 – World Toilet Day!  Though I didn’t exactly try to talk them out of learning about toilets, I did remind them that we were in the middle of our Thanksgiving studies.  Z said, “Mom, aren’t we thankful for toliets?”. Yes, very thankful for toilets!  So, a “Toilet” study has begun.

Below are our resources for learning about toilets.  Or they will be once we can get passed the jokes.  “Feeling a little flushed?”  “School work sure is crappy today!” and such.

Who invented toilets?  How long have toilets been around? What is an “s-trap?  Answers to these and even an experiment

History and Timeline for the Toilet

How toilets…

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