World Toilet Day

2014-11-19-WorldToiletDayAt the start of each month, I show the boys the list of special days and let them put a check by the topics that interest them.  And, being boys, of course they both checked November 19 – World Toilet Day!  Though I didn’t exactly try to talk them out of learning about toilets, I did remind them that we were in the middle of our Thanksgiving studies.  Z said, “Mom, aren’t we thankful for toliets?”. Yes, very thankful for toilets!  So, a “Toilet” study has begun.

Below are our resources for learning about toilets.  Or they will be once we can get passed the jokes.  “Feeling a little flushed?”  “School work sure is crappy today!” and such.

Who invented toilets?  How long have toilets been around? What is an “s-trap?  Answers to these and even an experiment

History and Timeline for the Toilet

How toilets work

35 Toilet videos (I think the ones from “Dr. Know” and “G-Word” will suit us best)

How to say “Toilet” in 80 different languages

Proper Toilet Etiquette

Weird Toilets From Around the World

Toilet Bowl Germs

Recipes for Homemade Toilet Cleaners and Why You Should Make Them

And as the big finale to our World Toilet Day study, Flushed Away is on Netflix!


I guess today is one of those days when our school work is supposed to go down the drain!

betty jo



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