May Resources

May is the end of the school year for many families, but it’s not the end of learning!  Here’s some wonderful resources for learning through the month of May.

BIG list of May holidays, theme, historic events, famous birthdays, and more                                        Click here for Special Days in May!

My “go-to” list of educational calendars and resources for every month

Resources for Specific May Themes –

Presidents With May Birthdays –

  • Harry Truman born May 8, 1884
  •  John F. Kennedy born May 29, 1917

Learning Resources for Presidents

May Statehood Anniversaries –

  • Minnesota – May 11, 1858
  • South Carolina – May 23,1788
  • Rhode Island – May 29, 1790
  • Wisconsin – May 29, 1848

Special Days and Geography –  How to and resource list

Resources for May “Daily Specials” –  (The following list is not yet complete. I’ll be updating the daily specials with resources as we go through the month, so check back.  And, if you have special day resource favorites, be sure to let me know and I’ll edit them in.)

May 1  –  Save the Rhino Day  –  Lapbook Printables

May 2  –  Play Your Ukulele Day  –

May 3  – 1st Comic Book published 1934 –  Resources and Activities

May 4  –  Intergalactic Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You)  –  K-8 Unit Study and Printables

May 4 – Orange Juice Day – Orange Resources and Activities

May 5  –  Cartoonist Day  –  Charles Shultz and Peanuts  are our favorites!  –  Learning Resources and Activities

May 5 – Cinco de Mayo – Resource List

May 6  –  English Channel Tunnel opened 1994  –  Fun Facts

May 7  –  Composer Johannes Brahms born 1833  –  Biography, Quiz, and Music

May 7  –  Composer Tchaikovsky born 1840  –  Biography, Quiz, and Music

May 8 – World Red Cross Day –   Stories of those helped by the Red Cross

May 11  –  Artist Salvador Dali born 1909  –  Lesson Plans, Resources, Project Ideas

May 12 – Florence Nightingale born 1820

May 13 – 1st Settlers arrived at Jamestown 1607 – Interactive John Smith and Jamestown Game

May 18 – Museum Day – 50 Famous Art Museums Around The World

May 22  –  Artist Mary Cassatt born 1844  –  Artist study, projects, and printables

May 23  –  Crohn’s and Colitis day  –  Article with audio  for kids

May 23 – World Turtle Day – Learning Resources

May 24  –  Brooklyn Bridge opened 1883  –  Multi Level, and Cross Curricular Bridges Study

May 30  –  Lincoln Memorial dedicated 1922  –  Historic Footage  video

Remember to check back throughout the month for new daily resources that will be added as they become available!

Happy May Learning!

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