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Mondays Homeschool Humor

Here are some funnies to lighten up your start to this homeschooling week!



I hope you have a great Monday and that the rest of the week is even better than that!

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Free Educational Finds of the Week


The following links are to the free resources that we have been exploring this week as part of our homeschooling studies.  And, this week the resources have been fabulous!

We gave this site a try this week and will be visiting again often for math games.  Everything from counting to probability.

Literacy Lava PDF magazines for teachers that promote reading and writing with children of any age

Videos, lessons, and experiments  for science class

Social Studies and current events

Just for fun!  Free movies, videos, games and songs

Crafts, recipies, printables, and more

Education News for parents/teachers

I hope that these links will be helpful as you look for something to make your studies a little more interesting and a little more fun.

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Homeschool Humor



Happy Monday!  And happy “Pajama Day” (for those of us participating in International Homeschool Spirit Week)!

Here’s a few funnies to  start off another homeschooling week!


International Homeschool Spirit Week’s theme for Tuesday is “School Away From Home Day”!

8662598ffc6cd5ae9c73e761eabdc633Wednesday is “Crazy Hair Day”!

bad_hair_day_1663755Thursday is “Volunteer Outside Your Home Day”

imagesFriday’s theme from International Homeschool Spirit Week is “Super Hero Day”.


hs spirit wkFor more about International Homeschool Spirit Week click here

Have a wonderful week!

betty jo

International Homeschool Spirit Week

hs spirit wkInternational Homeschool Spirit Week starts Monday, September 23!  In case you’re not yet familiar with what this is, I’ll give you a brief introduction.  Homeschool Spirit Week is the last week in September.  Homeschool  families (from all over the world) join together as one big community to show their spirit. There will be opportunities for you to share your family’s photos and thoughts.  Each day has a theme and a home education sponsor that will offer prizes and freebies.  This year’s line up is this:

Pajama Day- Monday, September 23rd
Sponsored by CurrClick

Homeschool Away from Home Day – Tuesday, September 24th
Sponsored by iHomeschool Network

Crazy Hairstyle Day – Wednesday, September 25th
Sponsored by Hip Homeschool Moms

Volunteer Outside Your Home Day – Thursday, September 26th
Sponsored by Great Homeschool Conventions

Super Hero Day – Friday, September 27th
Sponsored by Free Homeschool Deals

Last year our family had a blast participating in International Homeschool Spirit Week!  We were curious about what other home educating families look like and what they do,  so we enjoyed the blogs and social media posts with photos submitted from other families.  The week was a welcome relief from lesson planning.  I made some long distance friendships with some lovely homeschooling moms.   I picked up some great freebies, too.

For more information and suggestions on how to get the most from this opportunity click here

Join in on the fun through Facebook, too!

“We’ve got spirit, yes we do!   We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?!”

betty jo

Our Homeschooling Week Ending 9/20

Most of our homeschooling weeks are rather routine and not blog worthy.  However, this past week was not just another average week.

We started the week off with the celebration of E’s 18th birthday!

1234251_515624271852763_1382101898_n 1235030_515624241852766_952426998_n We have finally completed our pirate unit studies.  Our lapbook board is full and ready to be put in file folders.

995484_516775155071008_1467828557_nWe attempted to make a treasure chest cake, but it didn’t quite turn out like it should have.  Although it tasted great!


And our week ended with another party.  Our homeschooling support group got together for a “If We Build It…” Lego party!

1229942_517869834961540_995103493_n 600320_517869884961535_1032148872_n  1233388_517869908294866_859207226_n  946699_517869944961529_1258705106_n

I hope you had a great week and that you’re enjoying the weekend.

betty jo

Homegrown Learners_CollageFriday kris_weekly-wrap-up  newfriendshipFridaybutton_zpsba323150  HMJ-SUMMER-logo-landscape

Free Educational Finds of the Week

online-educational-resources image

Once again this week I am overwhelmed with both the quantity and quality of free educational web sites available.  I enjoying finding and exploring these sites with my kids.  I’m thankful for the homeschooling blog and social media communities for their time and efforts to share resources that add much to our homeschooling studies.

Below are a few of the links to free learning sites that I saved to my teaching resource files this week.

Brain teasers, language arts, and math printables

126 interactive history games

Bible map and timeline printables

Human anatomy interactive (This was bit difficult to catch on to, as they do not have written instructions, but once I got the hang of it, I thought the technology was amazing and will be a great teaching resource)

Music games from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

It’s my hope that these links will be a little something extra that you can add to your homeschooling studies, and that you and your kids will not just learn from them, but have some fun as well.

betty jo