Unit Study Theory 101 – Class 2

education3Welcome back to Unit Study Theory 101.  Today’s class will be covering the answer to the question, “How do you keep records for the subjects covered in a unit study?”

First, I want to make it clear that the way I keep records is partly because the state of Kentucky mandates that I keep attendance records and scholarship reports.   Some state laws do not require such records and some laws require more.   If you are unsure about what is required of you, then you can find help here http://www.hslda.org/ or here http://www.nhen.org/home.html.

Author, Dave Ramsey uses an acronym often when giving financial advice, “KISS” it stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.  I don’t like it put that way, however it is a pretty good system for most everything.  Let’s change it to “Keep It Simple, Sweetie” for our purposes. OK?

My record keeping system is as KISS as one could be.  The subjects (in an abbreviated code) run across the top and dates run down the left side.

The chart ends up looking a bit like graft paper and continues for 15 days. So, it takes 3 copies per 9 week grading period.

With this form I check off the subjects covered each day.  If my child did an extra good job they get a check with a “+”, or if they could have done better, they get a check with a “-“.  If I have a % grade (spelling or math test) or a letter grade (notebooking, essay, report) to record, I just put it in the correct box instead of a check.  After nine weeks. 45 days,  I average the grades in the bottom columns.  I count a check+ as an “A”, a check as a “B” and a check – as a “C”.  I also include a note about field trips, activities, or other comments.

You are welcome to use my daily subject checklist form if you’d like.



If you missed the first post  Unit Study Theory 101, you can catch up here.  https://stilllearningsomethingnew.com/2013/07/22/unit-study-theory-101/

Class 3 of Unit Study Theorey 101 Planning the Unit Study Week, 

If something was not clear, or if you have questions or suggestions, just leave me a comment.

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