Studying Ramadan


According to my special days calendar for July,  the Muslim holiday Ramadan started on the 9th and continues for thirty days.  Other than knowing that it is a time of fasting followed by a celebration for those of the Islamic faith, I know very little about the holiday.  With the current estimated Muslim population being over 1.6 billion, I think learning more about Ramadan is something we need to add to our summer school calendar studies.

Below are the links we are using for our Ramadan study.

The Homeschool Buzz has a free download for a Ramadan activity book designed  for children 5 to 7 years.  I think this is an excellent source for all of us who are not familiar with the holiday regardless of age.  I learned a great deal and I’m sure others who are not of the Muslim faith would also.  I appreciate  the work and creativity put into this resource and the willingness to share.  You can download the Ramadan activity book here.

For a Ramadan guide that is not in a pdf format click here

Several basic Ramadan information links here

The Huffington Post has put together a photo album of current Ramadan pictures from around the world

For traditional Ramadan recipes from around the world click here

Click here for my July’s special days calendar

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6 thoughts on “Studying Ramadan

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  2. Gena

    For older learners who want to learn about Islam, a book I would recommend is “Inveiling Islam” by the Caner brothers.

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