To Homeschool or Not


“To homeschool or not to homeschool” that is the question that many parents are asking themselves.  Most homeschool groups, private and public schools start in August, so now is the best time to be making that decision if your children are school age.

My first piece of advice is not to “cave in” to pushy advocates on either side of the education debate.  You MUST do what is right and best for your family.  And only you can determine that. Period.

With that being said, I’m definitely a home educating advocate (for many different reasons).   I’ve been homeschooling for a while (about to start our 16th year).  I’m  part of the leadership team for our local  homeschooling support group.  I’m an admin for Homeschooling Around the World and Schoolin’ Swag You would be welcome at either or both groups.

For months I’ve been hearing daily of families who are considering home education (for many different reasons) and have some questions or are seeking a little advice.  If this is the case for you, then I recommend you just ask a homeschooler about it.  Homeschoolers love to talk about homeschooling (both the good and the not so good).  In fact it’s our favorite conversation.

If you have made the decision to home educate, of course I have some advice for you on how to start this adventure (oh yeah, it will be an adventure).  Here is my top 5 list explaining what I think should be done first.

1  Pray for wisdom and patience.

2.  Understand your state laws:   or

3.  Check out a local homeschool support group or co-op.  If you’re not aware of one, this link may help you find one

4.  Figure out your teaching method and your children’s learning styles.  This link has a free assesment for both you and your children  if you are unsure.  Hover the mouse over “Homeshool” on the header.  From there click “Resource Center” and “Currently Homeschooling”. There you will have the choice of “Learning Style” or “Teaching Method” assessments.

5.  Remember that you want your child to love homeschooling so plan some fun and interesting learning activities and plan for unexpected learning opportunities.

For links to my posts containing advice on home education click here

Please know that I welcome your questions and comments.  Like I mentioned above,  homeschoolers love to talk about homeschooling.

betty jo

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4 thoughts on “To Homeschool or Not

  1. lakenormanprep

    I am hearing a lot of this too. I would also add one thing-deschooling. I think many parents start right back in August trying to “school” their children. The parents and the kids both need to deschool for at least a small amount of time. Maybe that can be the time when they do some fun and interesting things as you say in your post. It is such a tough decision. I remember going back and forth so much. It was the best decision I have ever made and my favorite career choice up to this point (and I loved my job when I was working).

  2. Misty@Mimi's House

    I think it is great you mentioned not to do it because people on either side are being pushy. I have found that more and more people are homeschooling because “everyone else is doing it”.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Thanks for re-affirming that Misty. Although the growing number of families starting home education and doing it well is encouraging in itself without the judgmental and pushy attitudes.


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