Johannes Gutenberg


This week we are concluding our Middle Ages/Renaissance unit studies.  We were privileged to add Gutenberg to our Bible, history, science, literature, vocabulary, and writing lessons.  (I love it when one subject covers several classes)

Johannes Gutenberg is one of my heroes!  He invented the printing press and printed the first Bible!  Some of those early Bibles still exist and are among  our world’s greatest treasures.  My printed Bible as well as several favorite books are among my greatest personal treasures.

This lovely book,  Johannes Gutenberg, Inventor of the Printing Press by Fran Rees, is from our local library.  We enjoyed the photos of Gutenberg’s earliest projects.

gutenberg 2Below are the links we followed for our study.

Gutenberg biography, worksheets, quizzes, online games

Tracing Gutenberg’s Footsteps, a photo tour of Mainz, Gutenberg’s home

Demonstration of the Gutenberg press

Project Gutenberg offers 42,720 free e-books to download.  I have this site bookmarked for the next time I hear “I’m bored, Mom”.

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1 thought on “Johannes Gutenberg

  1. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    Sister Betty Jo, I have been an avid follower of Project Gutenberg for a very long time. Because I love to read so much it was one of the first “bookmarks” that I had when I first got into computers! I go back to it often as they are a VERY worthwhile program and the free books they offer that they have created for easy computer reading is astounding!! Thanks for another great inspiration!!
    Praying for you continually and God bless as you continue in YOUR gifted ministry!!


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