Watching Our Garden Grow

After last years failed attempts at growing anything in our yard, we are surprised that our new garden is doing so well.  In fact, we were expecting our homeschool  Key Hole Garden science project to not do so well.

580344_464341090314415_1749948604_nBoth the pepper and tomato plants are blooming.

374973_464342963647561_1237583955_n969552_464342920314232_2077160837_nWorms, used coffee grounds, rotting vegetables and fruits, and flies.  Such a wonderful example of how God uses the yucky stuff to create something useful and beautiful!

Romans 8:28  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose.”

For more about our homeschool gardening project , click here

And here

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12 thoughts on “Watching Our Garden Grow

  1. Tisha

    It’s looking good! We barely have seedlings popping up. It will be a good while before we see plants the size of yours. 🙂

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      We have had just the perfect mix of sunshine and rain! And no late frosts! A few years ago we were so late getting a garden out that we did not pick our first tomato until the first part of Oct. We had homegrown tomatoes at Thanksgiving!

  2. Pastor Roland Ledoux

    I’ve been laughed at for using the coffee grounds, but they work GREAT!! Good coffee, great gardening! 🙂 We moved last July 4th from Arizona to Colorado. Even though Arizona had its own beauty, grass and gardening (where we were) was out of the question. Here in Colorado it’s so nice to see green trees AND lawns again!!!! 😉

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      And egg shells, too. I’m glad to hear that you’ve lived in AZ. and now in CO. We’ll be studying US history in the fall and I’m planning on an in-depth project around the west expansion. I may be contacting you about your findings in those areas!

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    1. Betty Jo Post author

      It looks horrible at the moment, my friend. The tomatoes are so big and heavy that they tipped over and pulled their stakes out of the ground! As we tried to get them re-staked and tied, we almost broke them. They are crawling all over and out of the circle now, much like melons would. This has also made weeding impossible to keep up with as we can no longer hardly get into to circle.

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