Our Homeschooling Week, April 15-19

This homeschooling week started off with an unplanned study on poison ivy remedies.  My daughter brought the itchy rash home with her from last week’s mission trip.

poison ivy 4We learned that placing potato slices over the rash sites was an effective treatment.

poison ivy 2Also this week, we the added an anemometer and a barometer to our homemade weather forecasting center.

weather station

Z7 updated the current conditions chart and practiced weather related jokes.  His favorite this week is, “What does a cloud wear under it’s raincoat?  Thunderwear!”

weather station 2

For “Poem In Your Pocket” day we not only kept poems in our pockets, but also studied poetic devices.  Instead of notebooking or lapbooking our printable mini posters, we put them on our current (art in progress) chalkboard wall.  I think it looks nice having some of the blank spaces filled in.

poetry wall 1

poetry wall 2And, SALT (saved, anointed, loved, transformed) practice for our homeschool group’s creative ministries troop. 483631_10200828729098988_2093288139_n

And,  Silver Lining, homeschool color guard practice.

Silver LiningWe will be ending our homeschooling week with our monthly homeschool support group’s family game night and potluck.

How was your week?

betty jo

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10 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Week, April 15-19

  1. lakenormanprep

    It is the poisen-ivy time of year. We have done some research on home remedies over here too. It looks like your week got better! We had a nice relaxing week with some much needed spring cleaning (or home ec). 🙂

  2. Sylvia

    Wow!! You guys have been really busy doing some very cool activities! Jeremiah has been studying about daVinci too! Thanks for linking up at Friendship Friday!

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Da Vinci was the last of our artist studies for the school year. Composers will be next! Thanks for having me again for Friendship Friday, Sylvia 🙂

  3. Especially Made

    The books on DaVinci … Are those children’s books? My son is interested in the Mona Lisa, and I’ve searched our library for books on it, but what they have on DaVinci’s works are more for adults.

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Steal Back the Mona Lisa, by Meghan McCarthy, Harcourt Books, was a very clever children’s story. My younger 2 boys (7 & 9) needed some help with Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions You Can Build Yourself, but enjoyed looking at all that he invented. Leonardo da Vinci, by Kathleen Krull is part of the Giants of Science Series and is for the older reader. Our local library is good about ordering books they do not have, they do it often for us.

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