It’s Going to Be a Good Week

One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that we do not have to stick to a preset schedule.  If we want to veer off the “common core” path, we can.  That’s exactly what I have planned for this week.

As I looked at all the different special days to possibly acknowledge, I decided it best if we just have a special kind of week of learning and put our middle ages studies on hold.

This is Holy Week so everyday we will follow what Jesus did these days so long ago.  And,

March 25 – Passover (Exodus chapter 12 and we’ll be making unleavened bread and boiling eggs to dye then eat), and Tolkien Reading Day (everyone is already reading other selections, but we haven’t seen the Hobbit yet)

March 26 – “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day” (I wonder what the kids will come up with?  I’m thinking, “Kids Doing Mom’s Chores Day”!)

March 27 – Robert Frost’s birthday, 1874 (poetry and biography notebooking)

March 28 – (Don’t laugh, even though I did) “Weed Appreciation Day” (the younger boys can go through our collection of herbal remedy books, but I think I’ll have the older two debate legalization of marijuana).  And it’s “National Black Forest Cake Day” (I’m trying not to laugh again, but for someone else this might go hand in hand with the side effects of appreciating weed) – we have never made a Black Forest Cake, so maybe we’ll give it a try.   And even more special than weeds and Black Forest Cake, it’s B14’s birthday!  (he may not want Black Forest Cake)

March 28 – Good Friday – We’ll have to decide on a movie (Passion of the Christ, The Jesus Film, Story Behind the Cross) and we’ll try making Hot Cross buns.

It’s going to be a good week!  I hope you will have one too.

betty jo






2 thoughts on “It’s Going to Be a Good Week

    1. Betty Jo Post author

      Sometimes we run late on our activities, too. I hope your homeschool has fun with these. Our communion bread turned out good enough to take some to church to share with the Easter service. Thanks for visiting my blog again, Tisha.


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