Another New Homeschooler And Another …

It’s spring and almost time for the school year to come to a close, but there are quite a few parents making some changes about their children’s education.  Many are deciding to home educate.

Just this month alone, we added 5 families to our local homeschool support group.  At a parent’s meeting, one of the newer moms made the comment that she was looking forward to learning from the “veteran” homeschoolers.  I looked around the table to see who she was talking about, and I was shocked that she meant me.  I had never thought in the terms of me being a “veteran”.   After all, I school a second grader.  I really did not know how I could help her out.  But wait, I have been homeschooling for 15 years.  I have a homeschool grad and two more in highschool and a special needs child as well as that second grader.  Maybe I can help.  At least I can advise about what not to do.   I certainly have experience with what does not work well.

I’m an admin on a brand new Facebook homeschool support group page,  Homeschooling Around the World,  and we already have several members.  Many are just starting their homeschool journey.  And they too are looking for some “veteran” advice.

Yesterday while I was at the library, I met a mom and teen daughter who will begin home education for themselves in August.  She asked me to point her in the right direction to get started.  So for her and whoever else is wanting to start home educating , here’s my top 5 list on what to do first:

1  Pray for wisdom and patience.

2.  Learn  your state laws:   or

3.  Checkout a local homeschool support group or co-op:

4.  Figure out your teaching style and your children’s learning styles.  This link is good for helping with that:

5.  Remember that you want your child to love homeschooling so plan some fun learning activities.

If you would like to be added to Homeschooling Around the World on Facebook,  join here:

For more of my posts about our homeschooling and my personal thoughts about teaching:

Happy Schooling,

betty jo



3 thoughts on “Another New Homeschooler And Another …

  1. Debbie S.

    Veteran? At what point are you considered a veteran? I’m in my 10th year homeschooling & would still not feel comfortable with that classification. I know some things I would share with others that I would be sure to do & other things I would avoid if I had it all to do over again, but veteran? Nah! I’ve still got a million questions & doubts in my abilities. But deep down, I know I am following what God called me to do, even if it probably would not have been my own first choice. Lol! Guess that’s what is most important…being confident that by His grace I am doing what He wants me to do & that the outcome is up to Him, not me. In addition to the great sites listed above, I want to add a personal favorite of mine for any newbies out there that I have referred to many, many times over the years, especially early on. I think it covers just about anything pertaining to homeschooling of which you can think. It is Great site for all things homeschool from laws to curriculum to encouragement & more. As a seasoned “veteran” I highly recommend checking it out. 🙂

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